28V DC Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU / Rectifiers)

Buy new, used, and refurbished 28V DC hangar-powered rectifiers on 3-phase or single-phase input voltage. These new units provide the aircraft DC power in the hangar or on the ramp. Some operators need these units to update their onboard computer systems, service the aircraft, or assist the aircraft batteries during engine starts.

Three-Phase Input Voltage

Three-phase input voltage is required from your hangar or local facility for these GPUs. Most hangers are setup with three-phase power.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 112850D0100Tronair112850D010050Hz - 600A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start - Dual Output
Tronair 112850S0100Tronair112850S010050Hz - 600A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start - Dual Output
Tronair 112860D0100Tronair112860D010060Hz - 600A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start - Dual Output
Tronair 112860S0100Tronair112860S010060Hz - 600A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start - Single Output
Unitron UDC-420MUnitronUDC-420M28V DC - 3 Phase Voltage - 425 amps continuous - 1600/2000 amps max
Unitron UDC-620MUnitronUDC-620M28V DC - 3 Phase Voltage - 600 amps continuous - 2000 amps max
Foxcart 1600Foxcart1600
50Hz/60Hz, 800A Continuous / 1600A Peak Start
Foxcart 2000Foxcart200050Hz/60Hz, 1000A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start
Single-Phase Input Voltage

These GPUs only need single-phase input voltage from your hangar or local facility, but they are not as efficient as the three-phase units above and only should be considered if you have no other option.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Foxcart 1200-60HZFoxcart1200-60HZ50Hz/60Hz, 600A Continuous / 1200A Peak Start

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