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View our complete line of premium aviation load banks for 400 HZ AC testing and servicing of aircraft ground power units.

Units are manufactured by Dekal GSE, and we are an authorized global distributor for Dekal load bank products.

Analog Panel

Standard Analog Gauges

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Dekal ALB-100APDekalALB-100AP100 kVA - Analog Gauges
Dekal ALB-120APDekalALB-120AP120 kVA - Analog Gauges
Dekal ALB-140APDekalALB-140AP140 kVA - Analog Gauges
Dekal ALB-45APDekalALB-45AP45 kVA - Analog Gauges
Dekal ALB-80APDekalALB-80AP80 kVA - Analog Gauges
Digital Panel (LCD)

Standard Digital LCD Screen

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Dekal ALB-100DPDekalALB-100DP100 kVA - Digital Gauges
Dekal ALB-120DPDekalALB-120DP120 kVA - Digital Gauges
Dekal ALB-140DPDekalALB-140DP140 kVA - Digital Gauges
Dekal ALB-45DPDekalALB-45DP45 kVA - Digital Gauges
Dekal ALB-80DPDekalALB-80DP80 kVA - Digital Gauges
Digital USB (LED)

Digital LED Screen with USB - USB connection allows for data printout and archiving.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Dekal ALB-100DUDekalALB-100DU100 kVA - Digital USB Gauges
Dekal ALB-120DUDekalALB-120DU120 kVA - Digital USB Gauges
Dekal ALB-140DUDekalALB-140DU140 kVA - Digital USB Gauges
Dekal ALB-45DUDekalALB-45DU45 kVA - Digital USB Gauges
Dekal ALB-80DUDekalALB-80DU80 kVA - Digital USB Gauges
Digital Wifi (LED)

Digital LED Screen with WIFI Connection & USB - Connect via your WIFI connection on your mobile device/computer or via the USB connection to printout or archive your data.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Dekal ALB-100DWDekalALB-100DW100 kVA - Digital WIFI Gauges
Dekal ALB-120DWDekalALB-120DW120 kVA - Digital WIFI Gauges
Dekal ALB-140DWDekalALB-140DW140 kVA - Digital WIFI Gauges
Dekal ALB-45DWDekalALB-45DW45 kVA - Digital WIFI Gauges
Dekal ALB-80DWDekalALB-80DW80 kVA - Digital WIFI Gauges