Aircraft Weight Scales for Aircraft & Helicopters

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View our wide range of options of scales for weighing your aircraft or helicopters. We have aircraft weight scales that are wired or wireless along with your choice of jack load cells or platforms.

Wireless Weight Scales
View our wireless weight scales with handheld controller or laptop computers with software.
Aero Weight AW-3-30
Laptop - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weight AW-3-75
Laptop - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weigh AW-3-150
Laptop - 150,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weigh AW-4-40
Laptop - 4 Cells - 40,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales HH2400-3-10CS
Handheld - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales HH2400-3-50CSLC
Handheld - 150,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales HH2400-3-25CS
Handheld - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Wireless Aircraft Scales
Wireless Aircraft Scales
Wired Weight Scales
View our wired weight scales for weighing aircraft or helicopters.
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-10CS
Wired - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-50CSLC
Wired - 150,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-25CS
Wired - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Wired Aircraft Scales
Wired Aircraft Scales