Wired Aircraft / Helicopter Weight Scales

View our range of wired aircraft and helicopter weight scales. We are an authorized distributor and partner of Jackson Weighing Service.

If your aircraft or helicopter is not listed under the recommended scales, please contact us for assistance and recommendations.

Show only items that are compatible with these aircraft manufacturers:
Load Cells for Jacks

These wired weight scales use load cells on top of jacks.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-100CSAircraft ScalesM2000-3-100CSWired - 300,000 lbs System Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-10CSAircraft ScalesM2000-3-10CSWired - 30,000 lbs System Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-10PC12Aircraft ScalesM2000-3-10PC12Wired - Pilatus PC12 Weight Scale
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-25CSAircraft ScalesM2000-3-25CSWired - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-50CSLCAircraft ScalesM2000-3-50CSLCWired - 50,000 lbs Load Cells
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-5CSAircraft ScalesM2000-3-5CSWired - 15,000 lbs System Capacity
Wheel Platforms

The wheel platform units allow operators to move aircraft wheels on top of the 3 platforms for weighing.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-10KPAircraft ScalesM2000-3-10KPPlatform - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-15KPAircraft ScalesM2000-3-15KPPlatform - 45,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-5KPAircraft ScalesM2000-3-5KPPlatform - 15,000 lbs Capacity