Grypmat - The Aircraft Mechanics Tool Mat

Meet the Grypmat - a multi-purpose, non-slip tool mat. It is incredibly durable, heat resistant, flexible, chemical-resistant, and will hold your tools in place. Grypmat was developed for aviation, aerospace, and automotive but can be used everywhere. Using a Grypmat will greatly increase your workflow and protect the surface you are working on. Everyone from the professional aircraft mechanic to the DIYer can benefit from this revolutionary product. There are three sizes, from small to large, designed to tackle any aviation project and to keep you organized.

New Available

Part Number
Grypmat RFGM-CR01s
Large - Designed for more involved jobs, where a handful of tools just won't cut it.
Grypmat RFGM-CR02S
Medium - Made with two small compartments and a large field for hand tools.
Grypmat RFGM-CR03s
Small - Six compartments that will keep your hardware organized within arms reach.
Grypmat RFGM-TP3
Why not take all 3? The small, medium, and large in one package.
The Grypmat material holds tools up to a seventy degree angle with no magnets. The high-friction material protects surfaces and tools alike.

Whether you're working on a hot engine, a high-wing airplane, or on the interior of a marine vessel, The Grypmat provides a safe space for you to set your tools.

The Grypmat can fold up and retain its original shape. Its flexibility allows it to contour to curved surfaces in hard to reach places.