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Air Data / Pitot Static Test Sets

View our line of air data / pitot static test sets. These units are used by operators to stimulate pressure and vacuum conditions needed to calibrate the altimeter, airspeed, manifold pressure, vertical speed, and engine pressure ratio indicators. They can also provide ways to leak test an aircraft's pitot-static system

Laversab 6600-NG
6600 With WIFI
Air Data Test Sets
Air Data Test Sets
Nav-Aids Pitot Static Adapter Kits

Purchase aircraft and helicopter air data accessory kits along with pitot-static adapters with your avionic test units manufactured by Nav-Aids.

Nav-Aids Aircraft Air Data Accessories Kit
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Nav-Aids Pitot Adapters
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Nav-Aids Static Adapters
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View our full line of aircraft covers for all your avionics and sensors.
Aircraft Pitot Covers
Aircraft Pitot Covers
Aircraft Static Port Covers
Aircraft Static Port Covers
Aircraft AOA Covers
Angle of Attack Covers
Sesame Technologies
Aircraft Covers
Nav/Comm Test Sets

View our line of Nav/Comm test equipment. Tests can include VHF AM/FM, UHF AM transceivers, airborne ILS, VOR, MRK, ADF, SELCAL, and GPS Simulator.

Laversab ARTS-7000
Radio Comm, Nav, DME, ELT, ATC, ADSB & TCAS
Navigation Communications Test Set
Flight Data Recorder & Cockpit Voice Recorder

View our complete line of interface devices to connect to flight data recorders & cockpit voice recorders. These devices allow you to download the flight data and cockpit voice files for review.

FDS FDS400-301
Interface Device - FDR & CVR
Air Data Test Sets
Flight Data System Devices
Transponder / ADS-B Test Units

View our line of transponder test equipment. This equipment simulates the transmission of ground signals and checks responses of the transponder.

Transponder / TCAS Test Unit
Avionics Flight Line Test Set

A comprehensive flight line test solution for an avionics technician.

Aircraft Turbine Temperature Testers

View our turbine engine temperature test equipment.

Barfield TT1000A
Turbine Temperature Tester
Barfield TT1200A
Digital Turbine Temperature Tester
Fuel Quantity Test Set

View our products to test AC and DC fuel capacitance systems.

Barfield DC400A
Tester - DC Systems
Barfield DFQ40K
Tester - AC Systems
Pressure Tester

The pressure test unit field tests aircraft pressure systems for both reciprocating and turbine engine pressure systems.


View our aircraft multimeters - digital / analog - for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Fluke 87V
Aircraft Digital Multimeter
Cable Tensiometer

View cable tensiometers for cable rigging or routine tension measurements.

Barfield CT12A
Cable Tensiometer