Aircraft Belt Loaders - Used and New

View our complete line of new, used, or refurbished aircraft belt loaders. Let our GSE team help deliver a belt loader to your flight operation.

New Available

Part Number
NMC-Wollard TC-888
Servicing Range - 42 to 167 inches

Used Available

Tug 660
Used Beltloader
Tug 440E
Used Electric Beltloader - 36 to 100 inches

Aircraft belt loaders are conveyor belts for easy unloading and loading of baggage or cargo into aircraft. These units can be used for a wide range of aircraft including corporate aircraft, regional jets, commercial narrow-body aircraft, or commercial wide-body aircraft. Belt loaders can operate on gas, diesel, LGP, or electric. They also have the capability to reach a range of door sill heights of aircraft holds (baggage compartments) during operation.