Aircraft Fluids & Consumables

At PJi, we are a global distributor for the top-brand aircraft consumable manufacturers in the world including ACF-50, hydraulic fluids (5606, Skydrol, 83282, 87257), engine oils, greases, cleaners, and many more. With our expertise and global fulfillment, we can deliver the right consumables when you need them to keep your aircraft flight ready. 

Lubricants to protect your aircraft, GSE from corrosion including ACF-50 and Corrosion Block.
Shop for calibration fluids - MIL-PRF-7024E
Exterior and interior aircraft cleaners, waxes, window cleaners, disinfectants.
Replenish your aircraft engine oil from a wide range of manufacturers
Complete line of Biobor JF aircraft jet fuel additives along with Turboline, Lubribor, Humbug.
Greases for your aircraft by Royco / Lanxess.
Complete line of hydraulic fluids for skydrol, 5606, 83282, 87257.
Protective plastic covers and caps for a wide range of aircraft components and Pratt & Whitney engines.
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