Aircraft Hydraulic Fluids - Skydrol, 5606, 83282, 87257

Aircraft Hydraulic Fluids

An aircraft's hydraulic fluids are critical to its operation. These fluids help a plane operate vital systems for safe operation.

One of the defining features of hydraulic fluids is their low viscosity, as it needs to minimize friction between hydraulic lines and other components. An excellent hydraulic fluid must also be chemically stable, non-flammable, and resistant to foaming, as it is used in some of the most crucial systems of the aircraft.

There are different types of hydraulic fluids you can use for your planes with many advantages and disadvantages:

  • Mineral oil-based fluids (5606, 83282)
  • Synthetic hydrocarbon-based fluids (87257, AeroShell Fluid 31)
  • Phosphate ester-based fluids (Skydrol, Hyjet)

PJI can help deliver with our in-stock aircraft hydraulic fluids to keep your aircraft ready for takeoff.

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