Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Sale

At PJi, we are a global distributor & service center for the top brand aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers worldwide. With our expertise in GSE, service, and global fulfillment, we proudly keep the world flying by delivering the right products to keep your aircraft flight ready. 

Our world-class team will deliver a personal relationship with your operation to help assist with new aircraft ground support equipment packages and continue to support your flight operation in the future with spare parts and first-class service. Let's get started!

Ground air conditioning & heaters for aircraft on the ramp via 3 phase electrical power or gas, diesel, or LPG.
Solutions for bag carts, cargo dollies, Eagle Bobtails, & belt loaders.
Battery chargers, analyzers, and dischargers along with battery lifts for maintenance.
Boeing 787 & Airbus A350 air conditioning servicing equipment & adapters.
Test your aircraft cabin pressurization with test units, adapters, and leak detectors.
Deicing & anti-icing machines including carts & towable units.
Selection of engine stands for corporate, regional, and commercial aircraft.
Clean your aircraft turbines with our compressor washers, adapters, and fluids.
Aircraft engine slings & hoists to use during maintenance.
Hydraulic & engine oil fluid service & reservoir service units, couplers, PAO service, and shimmy damper.
Fuel transfer carts, sample tools, and lead test units.
Largest GPU solutions for 28V DC, 400HZ, and battery start packs.
Aircraft covers, safety equipment, wheel chocks, ergonomic seats, passenger stairs, and more.
Solutions for aircraft pushback, deicing, & pilot headsets for aircraft & helicopters.
Complete solutions for helicopter ground wheels move your helicopter.
Hydraulic power units, couplers, and Robomules for a wide range of hydraulic fluids.
Everything jacks & tail stands including tripod, axle, alligator, fly-a-way, load test units, and jack pads.
Carts to service your lavatory and water in the hangar or on the ramp.
Hydraulic cranes, universal lifts, and adapters for use during aircraft maintenance.
Platform solutions for B1, B2, B4, B5, B7, and work access stairs.
Additional GSE
Shop aircraft oxygen & nitrogen carts, boosters, regulators & nitrogen tire/strut service tools.
Test your RATs with our test tools for Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, and more.
Tire cages, balancer, bead breakers, rings, thread protectors, anti-skid test, brake service tools
Maintenance tooling including Champion, E-Drill, DMC, and Pratt & Whitney engine tooling.
Widest selection of towbar & heads for your tugs & aircraft.
Industry leading aircraft tugs including electric, towbarless, diesel & gas.
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