Aircraft Baggage Cart Tires & Wheels

Aircraft baggage cart tires and wheels are specialized components designed for use on ground support equipment used to transport baggage and cargo around airports and other aviation facilities.

Engineered to withstand the heavy weight of fully loaded baggage carts and cargo containers, aircraft baggage cart tires provide high load capacity and low rolling resistance on various airport surfaces. Constructed of rugged metals such as aluminum and steel, aircraft baggage wheels create a strong, stable base for the tires.

PJi offers a selection of high-quality tires and wheels for aircraft baggage carts from top manufacturers like Camso. If you need help finding the right tires and wheels for your baggage cart, call or chat with our aviation specialists today.

Camso 53.1439.1216
Camso 53.1439.1216
Solideal RIB Resilient Baggage Cart Wheel & Tire Assembly – Tire: 4.00-8 / Rim: 3.75-8
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Can aircraft baggage cart tires be interchanged between different models or brands?

Unless specifically approved by the manufacturer, it is generally not recommended to interchange tires between baggage cart models or brands. Each baggage cart is designed with specific wheel specifications, load capacities, and attachment mechanisms. Interchanging wheels without proper approval can compromise safety and performance.

What are some key factors to consider when selecting baggage cart tires and wheels?

When selecting replacement tires and wheels for aircraft baggage carts, several factors should be considered, including load capacity, tread design, durability, shock absorption capabilities, resistance to wear and tear, and compatibility with the cart's axle and braking system. Other factors, such as the operating environment, weather conditions, and maintenance requirements should also be taken into account.

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