Aircraft Supply

Having spare aircraft parts, supplies, and components readily available to maintain and repair your airplane as needed is an essential aspect of aviation.

As one of the leading aviation parts suppliers in the industry, PJi provides the quality aircraft parts you need, when you need them, to keep your aircraft flight ready.

PJi offers aircraft avionics equipment from top manufacturers in the industry, including Mid-Continent Instruments (MCI).
We offer a selection of top-quality aircraft batteries from major manufacturers like Concorde.
PJi offers a range of emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) for aircraft from top manufacturers like Kannad.
PJi provides the highest-quality engine mounts on the market from Barry Mounts.
We offer replacement air filters to fit your specific aircraft from top manufacturers, including Brackett.
PJi offers an extensive range of hydraulic couplers, plugs, and other hydraulic parts for your aircraft, from top manufacturers like Eaton.
We offer a variety of life raft options for use on aircraft from major manufacturers, including Switlik.
PJi provides a complete selection of aviation life vests, ranging from adult to infant sizes.
We offer a full selection of replacement aircraft light bulbs, including taxi lights and landing lights.
PJi provides a comprehensive line of Michelin and Goodyear aircraft tires.
PJi offers a wide selection of new and overhauled aircraft wheel and brake assemblies.

Aircraft Supplies, Components, and Accessories

Stock up on these aircraft supplies to ensure that your maintenance team can service planes when required without worrying about excessive downtime.

PJi's aviation specialists can help you find the right aircraft components, aviation accessories, and aircraft supplies to suit the specific needs of your airplane.

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