Airplane Tires

Aircraft Tires

Aircraft tires are built to work under extreme conditions, carrying up to 340 tons and accelerating at over 250 km/hour at takeoff, in addition to withstanding various environmental stresses while in flight and during taxiing.

From takeoff to landing, PJi’s got you covered with premium-quality airplane tires from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Plus, we offer same-day shipping for in-stock tires.

PJi supplies Michelin and Goodyear aircraft tires for customers worldwide, across a wide range of applications, including general aviation, business jet, military, and commercial aircraft.

Our aviation specialists will be happy to assist you in finding the right aircraft tires for your mission. Reach out to us today

How are aircraft tires classified?

Aircraft tires are classified according to their type, dimensions, ply rating (strength), configuration (tube-type or tubeless), and whether they are bias ply or radial.

Three tire types comprise nearly all aircraft classes in use today: Type III (for light aircraft with lower landing speeds), Type VII (for jet aircraft with higher load capacity), and Type VIII (for large jet aircraft operating at high speeds, pressures, and loads).

Are airplane tires the same as car tires?

Airplane tires are made from a special type of rubber – called conductive rubber – not found in automotive tires. This elastic rubber-based material prevents electricity from accumulating in the tires due to friction during takeoff.

Aircraft tires are considerably larger and inflated to higher pressures than traditional car tires. This is necessary to support the weight of the aircraft and provide a stable platform for takeoff and landing. 

Unlike most car tires, airplane tires are filled with dry nitrogen. This nonflammable gas helps protect against wheel corrosion, prevents oxidation from deteriorating the inner rubber liner, and is less susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations.

While aircraft tires spend far less time operating than automobile tires, they must be capable of absorbing the high-impact loads of landing and operating at high speeds with large accelerations.

How long do airplane tires last?

Aircraft tires routinely withstand extremely heavy loads as they hit the ground during landing. As a result, airplane tires must be replaced or repaired more frequently than tires used in other modes of transportation.

A typical aircraft tire is capable of landing up to 500 times before needing to be repaired. Airplane tires can be recapped or retreaded up to seven times before being replaced. After retreading, a tire can withstand up to 100 more landings.

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