Aircraft Digital Force Gauges (Push/Pull)

Our digital force gauges have selectable units, programmable high/low setpoints and output peak or continuous data for collection by optional data acquisition software in USB, RS232, Digimatic, and analog formats. Imada low capacity digital gauges measure ranges up to 220 lbf, high capacity gauges measure up to 1,100 lbf and our force gauge with remote sensor measures up to 4,400 lbf. Each kit includes a selection of attachments and a hard plastic carrying case.

Mount a force gauge to a test stand for highly specialized force measurement testing applications such as:

  • Peel testers for packaging, tapes and laminates
  • Pull testers for crimp on terminals
  • Puncture testers for strength of wallboard, packaging and fruit hardness
  • Spring testers for compression or tension springs
  • Compression testers for springs and switches
  • Strength testers for adhesives and welds
  • Pull scale for weight or trigger sensitivity
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