Aircraft CPU Adapters

We have adapters available that connect the hoses on your cabin pressurization unit to your aircraft's pressurization system.

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New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair AGE-04713-401TronairAGE-04713-401Cabin Adapter Pressurization Test Tool - Phenom 100 / 300 - FACTORY CPUs Only
Tronair K-1285TronairK-1285CPU Adaptor Kit - King Air and Beech 99 / 1900
Tronair K-1286TronairK-1286CPU Adaptor Lear 23, 31, and 25/35
Tronair K-1288TronairK-1288CPU Adaptor Kit - Cessna Citation III, VI, VII, X, 510, 650, 680, 750
Tronair K-1359TronairK-1359CPU Adapter - Learjet 45, 70, 75. Hawker C-12 / King Air S/N BB1347 and higher
Kit, CPU Adaptor Learjet 55, Embraer 120
TronairK-1381Kit, CPU Adaptor Pa-31t, Cheyen
TronairK-1456Kit, CPU Adaptor Beech Duke
TronairK-1491Kit, CPU Adaptor Cessna 337
TronairK-1622Falcon CPU Adapter Kit - 10, 100, 20, 200, 2000, 2000EX, 50, 50EX, 7X, 900, & 900EX.
TronairK-1623Kit, CPU Adaptor Aero Commander
TronairK-1660Kit, Cpu Adaptor
Kit, CPU Adaptor Lear 24
TronairK-2182Kit, CPU Adaptor Lear 55/60
TronairK-2403Kit, CPU Adaptor Sabreliner
Tronair K-2418TronairK-2418
Kit, CPU Adaptor Westwind
5.0/5.0 customer rating
CPU Adapter Kit - PC-12
Tronair K-2601TronairK-2601CPU Adapter Kit - Cessna Citation / JetStream / IAI Astra
TronairK-2610Kit, CPU Adapter (P)
TronairK-3317Kit, CPU Adapter
TronairK-3357Kit, CPU Lear 45 Ground F.T. (P)
TronairK-4031Kit, CPU Upgrade
Tronair K-4281TronairK-4281Phenom 100 CPU Hose Adapter Kit for Tronair CPU's

Used Available

Tronair K-2418
CPU Adaptor - Westwind, G100, G150