Aircraft Hydraulic Power Units for 87257 Fluid

We inventory new, used, and refurbished aircraft hydraulic power units (HPUs) for use with MIL-PRF-87257 aircraft fluid.

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New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 5140Tronair5140Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Tronair 5240Tronair524010 GPM, 3000 PSI, 15 HP
Tronair 5340Tronair534011 GPM, 5000 PSI, 25 HP
Tronair 5440Tronair544015 GPM, 3500 PSI, 25 HP
Tronair 54401CJ3Tronair54401CJ315GPM / 3500 PSI HPU on 480V/3PH/60HZ
Tronair 54401CJ3UTronair54401CJ3USovereign HPU - 15GPM / 3500 PSI HPU on 480V/3PH/60HZ
Tronair 5540Tronair554025 GPM, 5000 PSI, 75 HP
Tronair 5640Tronair564034 GPM, 3500 PSI, 40 HP - 87257 Fluid
Tronair 5740Tronair574034 GPM, 3500 PSI, 75 HP
Tronair 5J40Tronair5J4020 GPM, 4000 PSI, 30 HP
Hydraulic Fluid Analysis and Testing - Next Day Results

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