Tronair HPU Custom Made Protective Covers

Protect the investment of your Tronair hydraulic power unit with our custom made canvas covers.

Features of our high-quality canvas covers include: UV and fade resistance, water repellency, mold and mildew resistance, stain resistance, and easy to clean.

New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
CGSE HPUCover-50-1CGSEHPUCover-50-1Canvas Cover - 50 Series
CGSE HPUCover-51-1CGSEHPUCover-51-1Canvas Cover - 51 Series
CGSE HPUCover-52-1CGSEHPUCover-52-1Canvas Cover - 52 Series
CGSE HPUCover-53-1CGSEHPUCover-53-1Canvas Cover - 53 Series
CGSE HPUCover-54-1CGSEHPUCover-54-1Canvas Cover - 54 Series
CGSE HPUCover-55-1CGSEHPUCover-55-1Canvas Cover - 55 Series
CGSE HPUCover-56-1CGSEHPUCover-56-1Canvas Cover - 56 Series
CGSE HPUCover-57-1CGSEHPUCover-57-1Canvas Cover - 57 Series
CGSE HPUCover-58-1CGSEHPUCover-58-1Canvas Cover - 58 Series
CGSE HPUCover-5B-1CGSEHPUCover-5B-1Canvas Cover - 5B Series
CGSE HPUCover-5F-1CGSEHPUCover-5F-1Canvas Cover - 5J Series
CGSE HPUCover-5J-1CGSEHPUCover-5J-1Canvas Cover - 5J Series