ydraulic Power Unit Run Around Coupling Kits

The aircraft hydraulic power unit (HPU) run around kits connect pressure and return hoses together to circulate hydraulic fluid through the HPU's internal filters for self-cleaning.

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ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair KHC-4006TronairKHC-4006Kit, Hydraulic Runaround Coupling
Tronair KHC-4020TronairKHC-4020Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Mb)
Tronair KHC-4021TronairKHC-4021Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Mb)
Tronair KHC-4022TronairKHC-4022Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Pe)
Tronair KHC-4023TronairKHC-4023Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Pe)
Tronair KHC-4024TronairKHC-4024Hpu Run-Around Kit (Pe) - Use with KCH-1342
Tronair KHC-4025TronairKHC-4025Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Pe)
Tronair KHC-4028TronairKHC-4028HPU Run-Around (Pe) - Use with KHC-1008 / KHC-1008-A1
Tronair KHC-4029TronairKHC-4029Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Pe)
Tronair KHC-4030TronairKHC-4030Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Pe)
Tronair KHC-4031TronairKHC-4031Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Mb)
Tronair KHC-4033TronairKHC-4033Kit, Hpu Run-Around (Mb)