Hydraulic GSE Replacement Parts

We stock and sell a wide range of replacement parts for hydraulic ground support equipment (GSE) and hydraulic power units (HPU).

If you do not see a part listed, please contact us for assistance. To confirm the correct parts for your GSE, please contact us with your model and S/N. Parts are not universal for all equipment.

Filters - Phosphate Ester (PE)
Replacement filter kits for use with skydrol (phosphate ester) fluids.
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair HC-2140TronairHC-2140Complete Filter Assembly - Phosphate Ester (Skydrol)
Tronair HK-3614TronairHK-3614Filter Element Kit (Pe)
Tronair K-1415TronairK-1415Replacement Filter Element 4 - Skydrol
Tronair K-1417TronairK-1417Replacement Filter Element 8 Kit
TronairK-3097Filter Element Kit (Pe)
TronairK-3099Filter Element Kit (Pe)
Tronair K-3428TronairK-3428Filter Element Kit (Pe) - Skydrol
TronairK-3494Replacement Filter Element Kit (PE)
TronairK-3616Replacement Filter Element Kit (PE) - Skydrol
TronairK-3658Filter Element Kit (Pe)
TronairK-3752Replacement Filter Element Kit (PE)
Malabar Skydrol Fluid Service Replacement Filters
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Malabar 481-008Malabar481-008Phosphate Ester (Skydrol) Filter
Filters - Mineral Based (MB)
Replacement filter kits for use with mineral base fluids.
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairHC-1482Filter Element (MB)
Tronair HC-2141TronairHC-2141Complete Filter Assembly - Mineral Base - MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-83282, MIL-PRF-23669, MIL-PRF-87257
Tronair K-1414TronairK-1414Replacement Filter Element Kit - 4 inch - Mineral Base
Tronair K-1416TronairK-1416Replacement Filter Element - 8 Inch
TronairK-3096Filter Element Kit (Mb)
TronairK-3098Filter Element Kit (Mineral Base)
Tronair K-3492TronairK-3492Replacement Filter Element Kit
Tronair K-3493TronairK-3493Replacement Filter Element Kit
Tronair K-3659TronairK-3659Filter - Element (Viton) - MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-83282, MIL-PRF-23669, MIL-PRF-87257
TronairK-3751Replacement Filter Element Kit
Replacement Hand Pumps

Replace your hand pumps on hydraulic GSE servicing units.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairHC-2157Replacement Hand Pump - Service Units (Skydrol)
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair HC-1042TronairHC-1042Pressure Gauge - 0 to 5000 PSI
TronairHC-1385Pressure Gauge - 0 to 3000 PSI
Tronair HC-1399TronairHC-13990 to 5000 PSI Gauge
Tronair HC-2144TronairHC-2144Pressure Gauge - 0 to 6000 PSI
TronairHC-2146Pressure Gauge - 0 to 10,000 PSI
TronairHC-2268-01Pyrometer Replacement Gauge
Seal Kits
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-1030Replacement Hand Pump Seal Kit (Option M)
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair K-4492TronairK-4492Kit, A/C Reservoir Overflow
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-3676Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
TronairK-3677Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
TronairK-3678Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
TronairK-3679Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
TronairK-3680Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
TronairK-3681Kit, Inline Filter Conversion
Tronair K-3805TronairK-3805Kit, Filter Element-Fluoro
MalabarPF55871-2Replacement Yoke Clamp for 5 Gallon Service Units