Ram Air Turbine (RAT) Unit and Test Tools

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ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 13-6600-3600Tronair13-6600-3600Ram Air Turbine Test Unit
Tronair 13-6605-6000Tronair13-6605-6000Actuator Arm Adjustment Assembly
Tronair 13-6615-6000Tronair13-6615-6000Assembly, Actuator Arm Adjust
Tronair 13-6618-6100Tronair13-6618-6100Tool, Ground Test 7x
Tronair 13-6622-0000Tronair13-6622-0000RAT Protection Cage
Tronair AGE10600DTronairAGE10600DGround Test RAM Air Turbine Tool
Tronair AGE13604ATronairAGE13604AGround Test Motor, Rat - Embraer 170, 175, 190, 195, Lineage 1000
Tronair AGE17073ATronairAGE17073AGround Test Tool - CRJ / Challenger
Tronair AGE17074ATronairAGE17074AGround Test Tool - G650, Embraer Legacy 450, 500
Tronair AGE17075ATronairAGE17075AGround Test Tool - Falcon 7x
Tronair AGE17077BTronairAGE17077BGround Test Tool - B787
Tronair AGE17078TronairAGE17078Ground Test Unit - A380
Tronair AGE17079ATronairAGE17079AGround Test Tool - Casa A400m
TronairAGE17080AGround Test Tool - A350
TronairAGE17631ARAT Test Equipment - CS100 / CS300
TronairAGE17631BAirbus CS100 / CS300 RAT