JBT AeroTech Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

JBT AeroTech Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Pilot John GSE is a proud JBT AeroTech Distributor
JBT AeroTech is a World Leader in Aircraft Ground Support Equipment along with the Best Service and Support in the Industry

JBT AeroTech, Jetway Systems®, offers unparalleled product range and support, and the convenience of a single source supplier: Jetpower® 400Hz ground power units, Jetpower® 28V Rectifiers, Jetpower® Mobile Diesel Ground Power Units, and JetAire® preconditioned air units, and other ground support systems.

With successful innovations, we have served the airport industry since 1959. Let our expertise provide you the utmost in cost-efficient solutions for your airport, FBO, corporate flight department, airline, or maintenance facility.

New and Used JBT AeroTech Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Pilot John GSE offers new and used JBT AeroTech Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) including Ground Power Units - AC (400 HZ) or DC (28.5V) (solid state/electrical/diesel) and Air Conditioning. Please contact us with requirements for quote or availability.

28V DC Rectifier Ground Power Units

28VDC Mobile Rectifier GPU - New - Hangar / Ramp Operations

400 Hz Power AC Power - 45 KVA to 180 KVA

45 KVA Cube Design - New - Small Compact Hangar Designed
60 kVA Cube Design - New
90 KVA Cube Design - New
120 kVA Aircraft Ground Power Unit - New

AC Diesel Ground Power

60 KVA Diesel Ground Power Unit - New
90 KVA Diesel Ground Power Unit - New
120 KVA Diesel Ground Power Unit - New
180 KVA Diesel Ground Power Unit - New

Air Conditioners

Jetaire 30/40 Ton Air Conditioners - New
Jetaire 110 Ton Mobile Air Conditioner - New

Jetpower 400 Hz Ground Power Units

120 kva aircraft ground power unit

Jetpower AC 400 Hz Ground Power Units A solution to reduce operating costs from corporate flight departments, FBOs, airlines, and military!   Features: Great Units for Corporate Flight Departments, Airlines, FBOs, and Airports Jetpower units can be stand, cart or bridge mounted Jetpower units are fully compatible with input power ranging from 380-480 Volts at […]

JBT Jetpower 90 KVA Diesel Aircraft Ground Power Unit


PN: D90
Diesel aircraft ground power unit manufactured by JBT AeroTech with 90 kVA output. This unit is for ramp or airport use with a new fiberglass noise reduction canopy. This unit features a Cummins diesel engine.

Jetaire 110 Ton Mobile PCA Air Conditioning Units


JBT AeroTech 110 ton ground commercial aircraft air conditioner for ramp or airport use. Units run on diesel engine to provide cooling or heating of the aircraft for comfort while parked on the ground.

Commander 30i FMC/JBT AeroTech

FMC Commander 30i 30

Details: Refurbished or Used Available Contact us for a quote with pictures and specs of available units Please specify any specifications or needs you need in a loader in the form below Spec Sheets Commander 15,30i Commander 30i FMC Commander Loader 30i Price: Please use contact form below to request a quote! Lead times: TBD – […]

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