Aircraft Beadbreaker Rings - New & Used

View and purchase our various beadbreaker ring sizes and sort by aircraft below. Beadbreaker rings below must be used with an associated aircraft beadbreaker.

What is a Chine?
It is usually on the nose wheel of an aircraft. The tire has been designed to channel water away from the aircraft body.

How to Determine the Proper Ring Size?
Measure outside diameter of rim
Add .55 inches to diameter of rim
Choose next largest diameter ring
Example: The rim measures 13.62 in + .55 in = 14.17 in Order Z-1063-15 or Z-1064-15

Show only items that are compatible with these aircraft manufacturers:
Rings for Use on Tires With Chines
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairZ-1064-06Ring, Beadbreaker, 6
TronairZ-1064-07Ring, Beadbreaker, 7
TronairZ-1064-08Ring, Beadbreaker, 8
TronairZ-1064-09Ring, Beadbreaker, 9
Tronair Z-1064-10TronairZ-1064-10
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Beadbreaker Ring - 10 Inch - Tires with Chines
Tronair Z-1064-11TronairZ-1064-11Beadbreaker Ring - 11 Inch
TronairZ-1064-12Ring, Beadbreaker, 12
Tronair Z-1064-13TronairZ-1064-13Beadbreaker Ring - 13 Inch - Tires with Chines
TronairZ-1064-14Ring, Beadbreaker, 14
TronairZ-1064-15Ring, Beadbreaker, 15
TronairZ-1064-16Ring, Beadbreaker, 16
TronairZ-1064-17Ring, Beadbreaker, 17
TronairZ-1064-18Ring, Beadbreaker, 18
Tronair Z-1064-19TronairZ-1064-19Beadbreaker Ring - 19 Inch - Tires with Chines
TronairZ-1064-20Ring, Beadbreaker, 20
Rings for Use on Tires Without Chines
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairZ-1063-06Ring, Beadbreaker, 6
TronairZ-1063-07Ring, Beadbreaker, 7
TronairZ-1063-08Ring, Beadbreaker, 8
Tronair Z-1063-09TronairZ-1063-09Beadbreaker Ring - 9 Inch - Tires Without Chines
TronairZ-1063-10Ring, Beadbreaker, 10
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Ring, Beadbreaker, 11
Tronair Z-1063-12TronairZ-1063-12Beadbreaker Ring - 12 Inch - Tires Without Chines
Tronair Z-1063-13TronairZ-1063-13Beadbreaker Ring - 13 inch (33.02 cm)
Tronair Z-1063-14TronairZ-1063-14
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Beadbreaker Ring - 14 Inch - Tires Without Chines
Tronair Z-1063-15TronairZ-1063-15Beadbreaker Ring - 15 Inch - Tires Without Chines
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Ring, Beadbreaker, 16
Tronair Z-1063-17TronairZ-1063-17
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Beadbreaker Ring - 17 inch (43.18 cm)
TronairZ-1063-18Ring, Beadbreaker, 18
TronairZ-1063-19Ring, Beadbreaker, 19
Rings for Dunlap Wheels
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair Z-3072-22TronairZ-3072-22Beadbreaker Ring - 22 Inch - Dunlap Wheels - Gulfstream G350, II, III, IV, and IVSP
Dunlap Rim Assembly Kit and Disassembly Kit
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair K-3729TronairK-3729Dunlop Rim Assembly Kit - Gulfstream G350, II, III, IV, and IVSP
Goodyear Tires
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair Z-3072-20TronairZ-3072-20Beadbreaker Ring - 20 Inch - Goodyear Tires 34 x 9.25-16
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairZ-3072-21Ring, Beadbreaker, 21
TronairZ-3072-23Ring, Beadbreaker, 23