Aircraft Wheel and Brake Dolly - Used and New

We supply aircraft wheel and brake dollies to lift the wheel and brake assemblies for removal or installation.

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Wheel & Brake Dollies
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair14-6865-0100Dolly, Wheel/ Brake
Tronair 14-6883-0110Tronair14-6883-0110Tire & Brake Dolly (Ce)
Alberth BD-20AlberthBD-20Brake Attachment for Wheel Dolly HWD-40
Alberth HWD-40AlberthHWD-40Wheel Dolly for diameters up to 25 to 40 inches
Clyde 15F590Clyde15F590Commecial Airline Wheel and Brake Changer
Malabar 175MMalabar175MWheel and Brake Changer - 34 to 56 inches OD
Malabar 175S-2Malabar175S-2Towable Wheel and Brake Changer - 32 to 56 inches OD
Brake Cradles for Malabar 175M and 175S-2 Models
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Malabar BC300PMalabarBC300PUse with 175M / 175S-2 - Saddle Dims 7.50" Radius x 10" Depth
Malabar BC400PMalabarBC400PUse with 175M / 175S-2 - Saddle Dims 9.25" Radius x 10" Depth
Malabar BC500PMalabarBC500PUse with 175M / 175S-2 - Saddle Dims 9.25" Radius x 16" Depth
NLG & MLG Aircraft Specific Dollies
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 14-6838-5110Tronair14-6838-5110Mlg & Nlg Dollly - Global Express, Global 5000, 6000
Tronair 14-6872-8100Tronair14-6872-8100Mlg Inst Dolly
Tronair 14-6873-8100Tronair14-6873-8100
Nlg Inst Dolly
Tronair 14-6887-8110Tronair14-6887-8110Landing Gear Transportation / Installation Dolly - CRJ1000, CRJ700, CRJ705, CRJ900 & Challenger 870/890
Tronair 14-6890-0100Tronair14-6890-0100Dolly, Lear 45 Mlg Install
Tronair 14-6909C0000Tronair14-6909C0000Wheel Dolly - Roller Distance 10 to 24 inches (Ce)
Tronair 14-6928-0000Tronair14-6928-0000Wheel / Brake Dolly
Tronair 14-6930-0100Tronair14-6930-0100Main Gear Dolly - Citation Longitude

Used Available

Tronair 14-6873-8100
Dash 8-400 NLG Installation Dolly