Aircraft Jacks, Axle Jacks, Tail Stands, Weight Scales, Cranes, Lifts, & Maintenance Stands

Our GSE team is ready to assist with our stocking inventory of aircraft tripod jacks, tail stands, jack pads, axle jacks, weight scales, battery lifts, cranes, and maintenance stands for your hangar.

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Tripod Jacks
View all new and used aircraft jacks to help lift the aircraft off the ground during maintenance.
Tronair 02-0526C0110
Tripod 5 Ton Jack (CE) - 26 to 50 inches
Tronair 02-1240c0111
12 Ton Tripod Jack (CE) - Falcon 2000(EX), 900(EX)
Tronair 02-7844C0111
Tripod 30 Ton Jack (CE) - 46 to 89 inches
Aircraft Tripod Jacks
Tripod Jacks - Various Capacities and Sizes
Jack Repair or Parts?
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Axle Jacks
Axle jacks lift the aircraft from a single location for maintenance.
Tronair 02-7813C0100
12 Ton Axle Jack (CE) - 4.5 to 15 inches
Tronair 02-7818C0110
Axle Jack (CE) 20 Ton (Lear)
Tronair 02-7830C0110
Axle Jack 25 Ton (Ce)
Malabar 642s
12 Ton Axle Jack

Malabar 8842
45 Ton Aircraft Axle Jack
Malabar 65P10AR
65 Ton Aircraft Axle Jack
Malabar 8714
65 Ton Fly-Away Axle Jack
Aircraft Axle Jacks
Axle Jacks - Various Capacities and Sizes
Axle Jack Repair or Parts?
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Jack Replacement Parts
We stock authorized manufacturer replacement parts to assist in repairing your jacks.
Tronair K-1106
Air Manifold Assembly Kit - Control 3 Jacks with Air Pumps
Tronair K-1061-04
Replacement Reservoir Kit
Tronair HC-1948
Replacement Hand Pump (1950 PSI)
Jack Replacement Parts and Seal Kits
Replacement Parts for Your Jacks - Let us help.
Malabar Jack Replacement Parts

Let our GSE team assist service and repair parts for your Malabar jacks.

Tripod Jack Extensions
These jack extensions work with tripod jacks to raise the jack off the ground to achieve higher closed and extension heights.
Tronair 03-5833-0000
18 inches - Use with 02-0526-0110 and 02-0526C0110
Tronair 03-5836-0000
14 inches - Use With 02-7856-0010 and 02-7856C0010
Tronair 03-5832-0000
12 inches - Use With 02-0526-0110 or 02-0526C0110
Tripod Jack Extensions
Tripod Jacks - Various Heights and Uses
Jack Load Test Units
View our line of jack load test units.
Columbus 7054-020
67 Ton Load Test
Jack Load Test Units
Jack Load Testing
Tail Stands
View our complete line of stabilizing stands to use for maintenance while lifting the aircraft off the ground with jacks.
Tronair 03A5801C0010
Tail Stand with Alarm (CE) - Citation 650, III, IV, VI, VII
Tronair 03A4007-0000
Tail Stand - With Alarm - Citation Bravo, Encore 560, I 500, I/SP 501, II 550, SII, Ultra 560, V
Tronair 03A5802C0000
Tail Stand with Alarm - Learjet, Caravan, EMB-100
Aircraft Tail Stands
Tail Stands - Various Aircraft
View our line of wired and wireless aircraft weight scales that include load cells for jacks or platforms.
Aero Weight AW-3-30
Laptop - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weight AW-3-75
Laptop - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weigh AW-3-150
Laptop - 150,000 lbs Capacity
Aero Weigh AW-4-40
Laptop - 4 Cells - 40,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-10CS
Wired - 30,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales M2000-3-25CS
Wired - 75,000 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Scales
Aircraft Scales / Helicopter Scales
Battery Lifts
View aircraft battery lifts.
Tronair 04-6014-0010
Battery Lift - Hawker 400, 800, 850, 900, Piaggio P-180 Avanti
Tronair 04-6031-0100
Battery Lift - Falcon 900 / 900EX
Tronair 04-6000-0910
Battery Lift - Lear - C-21, 23, 24, 31, 31A, 35, and 55
Aircraft Battery Lifts
Aircraft Battery Lifts
Lifting Equipment
View our aircraft maintenance lifting equipment including universal lifts and utility cranes.
Tronair 04-6028-0121
Universal Lift - 500 lbs Capacity
Tronair 04-6150-0120
Hydraulic Utility Crane - 4,000 lbs Capacity
Tronair 04-6152-0120
Hydraulic Utility Crane - 2,750 lbs Capacity
Aircraft Lifting Equipment and Utility Cranes
Aircraft Lifting Equipment and Utility Cranes
Jack Pads and Adapters
View our aircraft jack pads and jack adapters.
Tronair AGE-04510-401
Phenom 100 Jack Adapters - Qty 3
Tronair HJ-557
Jack Pad - Beechjet 400A / Diamond - Required for before SN RK-144
Nose Gear Adapter for Falcon Aircraft
Aircraft Jack Pads and Axle Jack Adapters
Aircraft Jack Pads and Axle Jack Adapters
View all available maintenance stands.
Extended B1 Stand
Extended B1 Stand
B4 Stand
B4 Stand
Aircraft Maintenence Stands
Aircraft Maintenance Stands