Aircraft Tripod Jack Service & Repair

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Tronair, Malabar, Columbus Jack, and any other aircraft jacks.

Tronair Jack Repair

  • Start the conversation with us to repair and load bank your tripod jack. Model / SN will be needed.
  • Receive the repair costs via email.
  • Approve the repair.
  • Ship - We will email a shipping label to ship the jack to us. Shipping will need to be on pallets.
  • Relax - Let us handle the rest.

Have an Axle Jack You Want to Repair? View our instructions for easily sending us your axle jack. - Aircraft Axle Jack Service

We are an Authorized Tronair, Malabar, and Columbus Jack Service Center. 

Aircraft GSE Service Center

The Tronair family of companies. 

5 Ton - Service Options

Service options for any 5-ton aircraft jacks.

Part Number
Tronair SV-0526
Service - 02-0526C0110 Tripod Jack
Tronair SV-7856
Service - 02-7856C0100 Tripod Jack
10 Ton - Service Options

Service options for any 10-ton aircraft jacks.

Part Number
Tronair SV-1032
Service - 02-1032C0111 Tripod Jack
12 Ton - Service Options

Service options for any 12-ton aircraft jacks.

Part Number
Tronair SV-1240
Service - 02-1240C0111 Tripod Jack

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  • Phone: 252.585.4553
  • : Purchase your new jacks & GSE with us.
  • : Service requests, support questions, and assistance regarding your GSE.

Jack Repair & Services
  • Jack Load Testing
    • How often should jacks be load tested? (Statement by Tronair) - Tronair recommends functional load testing of hydraulic jacks on an annual (12-month) preventative maintenance cycle. Tronair also recommends load testing any time the jack seals have been replaced.
      When testing the jack, the force readings recorded by the test person should fall between the maximum and minimum values (105% - 110% of the rated capacity). We adhere to all Tronair jack load testing procedures and guidelines.

  • Seal Replacement
  • Repair and Part Replacements
  • Overhaul / Refurbishment

Service and Repair FAQs

How much does your services cost? Please request a quote for your specific jacks by easily requesting a service request. We will be in contact with you shortly with a quote for approval.
How do I get my jacks to you? You may take care of shipping the jacks to us via a freight carrier. We can also provide you with a custom-sized pallet for your item and send it to you via LTL freight. Once you receive the pallet, strap down your item to it and attach the pre-paid shipping label. After you let us know when it's ready to go, we'll schedule the pickup from your facility. The entire process takes only a few days and makes servicing your item less expensive since we can do it directly at our facility. When we've completed the servicing, we'll ship your item back to you via LTL freight. 
How long does it take you to load test a jack?  Once we receive a jack, we will have it load tested within 3 business days to ship back to you. How long does service and repairs take? Once the jacks are received, we will diagnose and send you a repair authorization and quote. The lead times on repairs can change and are dependent on parts availability (lead time), our current repair schedule, and actual repair times. You may use the form above to request specific service and estimated repair times.

Maintenance Schedule

**For informational use only. Please review your manual for the manufacturer's recommended procedures.**
90-Day Maintenance:
  • Check hydraulic system for leaks including the following:
    • Hydraulic lines; hoses and fittings
    • Hand pump; cylinder, fittings and seals
    • Reservoir; welds and fittings
    • Air operated pump (optional equipment); fittings, airside and oil side seals
  • Check jack structure for corrosion, bending, cracking and excessive wear including the following:
    • Ball lock pins
    • Mechanical extension
    • Welded joints; tripod legs, cylinder and foot pads
    • Ram lock nuts; gouge marks and cracks in threads
    • Jack pads
    • Check fluid level with rams fully retracted. See manual or reservoir tag for proper level height
  • Extend rams and visually inspect for corrosion, foreign matter, excessive wear and leaks around ram seals. Remove any foreign matter
  • Check air operated pump if equipped (reference air operated pump service manual)
  • Check paint condition, touch-up areas that are exposed
  • Actuate the hand pump and raise the ram to full extension at least once. Do not over pressurize once fully extended
  • Apply DoAll, RPM, LPS or equivalent water repellant that is Buna N compatible to the rams
  • Open release valve and verify that rams fully retract
  • Lubricate casters (if applicable)
  • Torque ram retaining cap (refer to product Operation and Safety Manual)

Annual (12-Month) Maintenance:
  • Check hydraulic fluid for contamination (dirt/water) drain and flush if required
  • Perform 90-day maintenance checklist
  • Capacity test (105% - 110% of jack™s rated capacity) - Contact us to send in your jack for load testing.