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ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 02-4950-4000Tronair02-4950-4000Strut Support, Axle Jack Adapter - Citation III, IV, VI, VII, and 650.
Tronair K-2728TronairK-2728Nose Adapter Assembly Kit (P) - Citation X 750 and 680 Sovereign
Tronair K-2730TronairK-2730Main Adapter Assembly (P) - Citation X 750
TronairK-2799Jack Pad Kit - Nose / Mains for Citation Sovereign 680 and Citation X 750
TronairK-3314Jack Pad Kit - Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, and CJ4.
Tronair R-1276TronairR-1276Jack Pad - Citation 650, III, IV, VI, VII, and EMB-120
Tronair R-1798TronairR-1798Mustang / CJ Jack Pad Adapters - Mains
TronairR-1807Jack Pad - Mains - Citation X 750 / Sovereign 680
TronairR-1808Jack Pad - Nose - Citation X 750 / Sovereign 680
Tronair R-2008TronairR-2008Citation Jack Pad - 560 XL, 560 XLS, Encore, Ultra, Mustang
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair K-4296TronairK-4296Falcon 7X NLG Jacking Device
Alberth FMGJAAlberthFMGJA
Main Gear Jack Adapter - Falcon
Alberth FNGJAAlberthFNGJA
Nose Gear Adapter for Falcon Aircraft
Alberth FNGJA7XAlberthFNGJA7XNose Gear Adapter for Falcon 7x
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Alberth GMJAAlberthGMJAMain Jack Adapter for G100/150
CGSE1159GSE40214-7Gulfstream Axle Jack Pad Adapter
IAE 607GGS0202-1IAE607GGS0202-1Complete jack pad set for GV, G500, G550
IAE 607GGS0202-2IAE607GGS0202-2Complete jack pad set for GII, GII, GIV, G300, G350, G400, G450
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair HJ-557TronairHJ-557Jack Pad - Beechjet 400A / Diamond - Required for before SN RK-144
Tronair K-3692TronairK-3692Mechanical Extension Lock - Hawker Premier Nose Jack
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 2310-T030-401Tronair2310-T030-401Jacking Device NLG Assembly - Yellow
Tronair AGE-04510-401TronairAGE-04510-401Phenom 100 Jack Adapters - Qty 3
Tronair AGE-04511-401TronairAGE-04511-401Phenom 300 Jack Adapter
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-4191Nose Adapter Assembly - Axle Jack Pad
TronairR-1117Jack Pads (Leveling Adapters) - Dash 8 100, 200, 300, 400
TronairR-1820Jack Pad Adapter - Axle Jack - Main Gear
Bombardier92A99101-8Global Express Jack Pad
Bombardier G600-070001-1BombardierG600-070001-1Challenger Jack Pad - CL 600/601/604
CGSE4507100101-003Learjet Wing - Assembly, Without Tie Down
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair K-3582TronairK-3582Pilatus PC-12 Jack Pads Adapter Kit
TronairK-3583Pilatus PC6 Jack Pad Adapter Kit
Agusta Helicopters
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-3579Augusta A-109 Kit
TronairR-1187-01Agusta Jack Pad Adapters - Mains - 109A, 109C, 109E, 109S, Grand New, and Mark II
TronairR-1187-02Agusta Jack Pad Adapters - Nose - 109A, 109C, 109E, 109S, Grand New, and Mark II
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-2020Beech Duke Jack Pad - Use with 02-0234-0111 Jack
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairR-1239ATR Jack Adapter Kit
TronairR-1733R-1733 Large Jack Pad
TronairR-3053Citation Longitude - Main Adapters
Tronair Z-3070-1TronairZ-3070-1PC-12 Tail Jack Adapter

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Dassault D22173
Used Falcon Nose Gear Jack Adapter
Used Gulfstream Jack Adapter
Gulfstream 1159SeM30001-11
Used Gulfstream Jack Adapter
Dassault MY2032102
Falcon 20 Jack Adapter