Aircraft Maintenance Lifting Equipment

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New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 02-7954-0000Tronair02-7954-0000Tronair 02-7954-0000 Vertical Load Support Structure (CE)
Tronair 04-6028-0121Tronair04-6028-0121
Universal Lift - 500 lbs Capacity
Tronair 04-6033-0100Tronair04-6033-0100Hawker 4000 - APU Lift - Installation & Removal
Tronair 04-6150-0120Tronair04-6150-0120Hydraulic Utility Crane (Ce) - 4,000 lbs Capacity
Tronair 04-6152-0120Tronair04-6152-0120Crane, Hydraulic Utility (Ce) - 2,750 lbs Capacity
Tronair K-2012TronairK-2012Gooseneck Kit (P) - Extend hydraulic crane to 275 inches
TronairK-2013Kit, Pneumatic Pump
TronairK-2953Kit, Heavy Duty Winch (P)
TronairK-3057Kit, Lifting Eye
TronairK-3189Kit, Lear 45 Flap Adapter (P)
TronairK-4082Kit, Cylinder Replacement
TronairK-4664Kit, Lear 45 Apu
TronairZ-4082Battery Lift - For Use with 04-6028-0121 Universal Lift

Used Available

Tronair 04-6028-0121
Used Lift - 500 lbs