Aircraft Tail Stands

View all of our new, used, or refurbished stabilizing stands for your aircraft. Aircraft tail stands stabilize the aircraft while they are on jacks which ensures the safety of your crew and maintenance technicians. All brand new manufactured units include alarms as standard. You can make sure the part includes an alarm when the part number's 3rd digit includes an "A". The alarm warns you when the weight on the cell exceeds 100 lbs.

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New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 03-4006-0000Tronair03-4006-0000
Stand, Tail Universal
Tronair 03-4012-0000Tronair03-4012-0000Stand, Tail Dash 7
Tronair 03-4015-0000Tronair03-4015-0000
Nose Stand - Westwind 1 & 2
Tronair 03-4033-0000Tronair03-4033-0000Tail Stand - Beechjet, Diamond
Tronair 03-5801-0010Tronair03-5801-0010Stand, Tail Citation Iii
Tronair 03-5805-0000Tronair03-5805-0000
Saab 340 Tail Stand
Tronair 03-5806-0000Tronair03-5806-0000Stand, Tail Cn 235
Tronair03-5807-0000Stand, Fuselage Atp
Tronair 03-5808-0000Tronair03-5808-0000Stand, Tail Casa/Wing Atp
Tronair 03-5813-0000Tronair03-5813-0000P-180 Piaggio Tail Stand
Tronair 03-5814-0000Tronair03-5814-0000Stand, Wing Dornier 328
Tronair 03-5815C0000Tronair03-5815C0000Tail Stand - WITHOUT Alarm - Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, M2, and Mustang 510
Tronair03-5816-0000Stand, Tail J-41
Tronair 03-5817-0000Tronair03-5817-0000
Citation X Tail Stand
Tronair03-5818-5000Stand, Wing J-41
Tronair 03-5819-0000Tronair03-5819-0000Stand, Tail Dash 8-100/300
Tronair 03-5820-0000Tronair03-5820-0000Stand, Tail Dash 8-100/300
Tronair 03-5821-0000Tronair03-5821-0000Dash 8 100/200/300 Tail Stand
Stand, Tailpost, Lear C-21
Tronair03-5825-0110Stand, Tailstand, Rj-700
Tronair 03-5826-0000Tronair03-5826-0000
Stand, Tail Cessna Excel
Tronair 03-5828-0000Tronair03-5828-0000Tailstand - Challenger 870/890 and CRJ 700 / 1000 / 705 / 900
Tronair 03-5829-0000Tronair03-5829-0000Tailstand - Dash 8 400
Tronair 03-5830-0000Tronair03-5830-0000Hawker Tail Stand - Hawker 400, 800, 850, 900, and T-400
Tronair03-5839C0000Stand, Wing Stand Lear 45 (Ce)
Tronair 03-5840-0000Tronair03-5840-0000Assembly, Tailstand (Ce)
Tronair 03-5842C4000Tronair03-5842C4000Flyaway Tailstand (Ce) - Citation Mustang 510
Tronair 03-5851-0000Tronair03-5851-0000HondaJet - Tailstand
Tronair 03-5855C0000Tronair03-5855C0000Tailstand
Tronair03-8016-0010Tailstand, Dash 8
Tronair03-8109-5000Tail Support
Tronair03-8127-0000Dash 8 Tailstand
Tronair 03A4007-0000Tronair03A4007-0000Tail Stand - With Alarm - Citation Bravo, Encore 560, I 500, I/SP 501, II 550, SII, Ultra 560, V
Tronair03A4033C0000Tail Stand - Beechjet 400A & Diamond
Tronair 03A5800C0010Tronair03A5800C0010Stand, Tail-Various (Ce) - Challenger, Bell, Jetstream, Falcon 50/50X, CRJ100/200, Beechcraft Premier
Tronair 03A5801C0010Tronair03A5801C0010Stand, Alarm Tail (Ce) - Citation 650, III, IV, VI, VII
Tronair 03A5802C0000Tronair03A5802C0000Tail Stand with Alarm - Learjet, Caravan, EMB-100
Tronair 03A5804C0010Tronair03A5804C0010King Air Tail Stand with Alarm
Tronair 03A5805-0000Tronair03A5805-0000Saab 340 Tail Stand - With Alarm Installed
Tronair 03A5809C0000Tronair03A5809C0000
Tailstand, With Alarm - Learjet 45, 60, 70, 75 and Gulfstream G100/G150/Astra.
Tronair 03A5815C0010Tronair03A5815C0010Tailstand - With Alarm (Ce) - Cessna CJ1 / CJ2 / CJ3 / CJ4 / M2 / 510
Tronair 03A5817C0000Tronair03A5817C0000Tail Stand With Alarm - Citation X 750
Tronair 03A5822C0000Tronair03A5822C0000Stand, Tail-Various (Ce) - With Alarm
Tronair 03A5826-0000Tronair03A5826-0000Tailstamd With Alarm - 560 XL / XLS (CE)
Tronair 03A5828-0000Tronair03A5828-0000Tailstand - Challenger 870/890 and CRJ 700 / 1000 / 705 / 900
Tronair 03A5829C0000Tronair03A5829C0000
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Stand, Tail - With Alarm - Dash 8 400
Tronair 03A5831-0000Tronair03A5831-0000Citation Sovereign 680 Tail Stand - With Alarm (CE)
Tronair 03A5840C0000Tronair03A5840C0000Tailstand With Alarm (CE) - Falcon 7X
Tronair 03A5845C0000Tronair03A5845C0000Tailstand With Alarm - Legacy 500
Tronair 03A5846C0100Tronair03A5846C0100CS100 / CS300 Tail Stand - With Alarm
Tronair03A5848C000Cessna Latitude Tail Stand - With Alarm
Tronair 03A5848C0000Tronair03A5848C0000Tail Stand with Alarm - Citation Latitude 680A
Tronair 03A5849C0000Tronair03A5849C0000Tail Stand with Alarm - Global 7000 & 8000
Tronair03A5853-0000Tail Stand - Citation Longitude 700
Tronair A005386DTronairA005386D747 Tailstand / Tail Strut with Cage
Gulfstream T-2012-001GulfstreamT-2012-001B280 Aircraft Tail Stand

Used Available

Used Westwind Nose Stand
Used Citation X Tailstand - Without Alarm