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Clyde15013301/8 x 3/4 Roll Pin
Clyde15013811/4-28 x 2 Bolt
Clyde1502065/16-24 X 1 1/2 LG. SOCKET HEAD
Clyde15022695/16-24 X 1 1/2 LG. SOCKET HEAD C.S.
Clyde15025441-14 X 5-1/2 HH CAPSCREW
Clyde1502981/4-28 Nylok Nut
Clyde1503031/4” AN Washer
Clyde15030523/8-16 X 1 LC. NYLOK C.S.
Clyde1503093/8” AN Washer
Clyde1503203/4-16 NYLOK NUT
Clyde15035793/4-16 X 2 3/4 LG. C.S.
Clyde1504570TOGGLE CLAMP
Clyde15050581/8 x 5/8 Roll Pin
Clyde1505299SHEAR BOLT
Clyde1505375S HOOK
Clyde1505388Shear bolt
Clyde1505416BALL LOCK PIN
Clyde1505881Vinyl Grip
Clyde1505971-14 NYLOK NUT
Clyde15F146B727 - Towbar
Clyde15F19003' to 12' 4'x4' platform
Clyde15F1944Hose Assembly
Clyde15F1985Solid Tire with 4 Bolt Wheel Assembly
Clyde15F19863' to 10' 4'x11' platform
Clyde15F1988B757 - Towbar
Clyde15F20117' to 15' 4'x7' platform
Clyde15f2028Replacement Head Assembly For B757 Towbar
Clyde15F2031Towbar Mount Assembly
Clyde15F2166Hose Assembly
Clyde15F2168Hose Assembly
Clyde15F2229Tire and Rim
Clyde15F2284A318,319,320,321 - Towbar
Clyde15F2342B747 - Towbar
Clyde15F2397Towbar - DC10, B767, L1011, A340 200/300, MD11, A330, A350, B777
Clyde15F2398HEAD MOUNT
Clyde15F2399DC-10 HEAD ASS'Y
Clyde15F2405A300/310 - Towbar
Clyde15F2483Head Mount Assy.
Clyde15F2511MD80/DC9 - Towbar
Clyde15F2514A320 Clamp Type - 15F2515
Clyde15F2515Multi Head / Quick Change Bar
Clyde15F2518727 / A300 Tow Bar Head
Clyde15F2519B757 Tow Head
Clyde15F2527LD-7 Roller bed
Clyde15F2529Turntable LD3
Clyde15F2539B727 Tow Head - Clamp Type
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