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Introducing the PJi Mobile Service Team

PJi now offers onsite service and maintenance for ground support equipment (GSE) in select areas. With the PJi Mobile Service Team, you save time, reduce operational disruptions, and lower overall costs.

Our mobile service units come fully equipped with the necessary tools and components to efficiently service and maintain your GSE.

From routine preventative maintenance to annual inspections and anything in between, the PJi Mobile Service Team is here to help. We go out of our way so you don't have to!

PJi's team of experienced and knowledgeable GSE maintenance mechanics will ensure that your equipment is in good working order, eliminating any concerns about unexpected breakdowns.

Mobile Service Team member making repairs

What Are the Key Benefits of Mobile GSE Service?

By proactively servicing and maintaining your GSE, you can ensure that any potential problems are detected and resolved before they become major issues.

  • Cost-Effective: Shipping equipment to an offsite service center can be expensive and time-consuming. With the PJi Mobile Service Team, we come to you!
  • Reduced Downtime: Preventative maintenance helps minimize the likelihood of sudden equipment failure. When your equipment is operating at peak performance, you don’t have to worry about extended downtime resulting in flight delays or AOG situations.
  • Technical Expertise: Our skilled and highly trained GSE mechanics possess in-depth knowledge of various types of ground support equipment because they work with it every day. Being familiar with most brands and types of equipment, PJi's mobile service experts can handle repair and maintenance more quickly.
  • Convenience: Onsite maintenance enables you to schedule GSE servicing around your operational needs so you can focus on what matters. You’ll also enjoy faster turnaround times compared to sending out your equipment to be serviced.

Let our Experts Keep You Flight Ready!

Contact us below, chat with a live aviation specialist, email us at , or give us a call at 252.585.4553 to inquire about scheduling a visit from our PJi Mobile Service Team.

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What Types of GSE Service Do We Perform?

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs):Check filters and hoses, replace damaged and out-of-calibration gauges, change fluids and input voltage, replace pumps, and conduct fluid conversion and electrical diagnostics.
  • Ground Power Units (GPUs): Replace gauges and input/output cables, change input voltage, and load testing with certification.
  • Tugs/Tractors: Change fluids and filters; replace batteries, steering, and belts; and conduct diagnostic testing.
  • Mobile Equipment: Inspect and rotate tires; service brakes, steering, and wheel bearings; change fluids and filters; and RPM verification.
  • Jacks: Rebuild rams and pumps, replace air pumps and hoses, and operational testing (no load tests).
Mobile Service Team member making repairs
Mobile Service Team members making repairs

Our Service Area

The PJi Mobile Service Team provides onsite service and maintenance throughout our expansive service area, spanning the Tidewater and Piedmont regions of Virginia; the Coastal Plains and Piedmont regions of North Carolina; and the Pee Dee, Midlands, and Lowcountry regions of South Carolina.

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