Robomule 5000 Mobile Hydraulic Power Unit - Dehaut Aero / CGSE

Carolina GSE RM-5000-01
Carolina GSE RM-5000-01Carolina GSE RM-5000-01
Manufacturer: Carolina GSE
Part Number: RM-5000-01
Condition: New
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Robomule 5000 (RM-5000-01) - Ground Hydraulic Power Stand
CGSE - The New Robomule Manufacturer (Previously Dehaut Aero)

Custom manufactured 28 VDC, 3000 RPM, 3.5 HP continuous-duty motor (reversible)


  • Utilizes your aircraft pump, filters, pressure regulator, and fluid
  • No system contamination
  • No possibility of over-pressurizing system
  • No fluid loss or leaks
  • Easy installation
  • Remote control cord reel, 50 ft. of cord


  • Highest quality, low profile 28VDC, 3000 RPM, 3.5 HP continuous-duty motor
  • Reversible rotation by switching motor leads
  • 15 ft. power cord
  • Heavy-duty ball-bearing casters
  • Heavy-duty steel post with a removable base


  • Base: 36 in (91 cm) Square
  • Height: 56 in (142 cm) Collapsed
    • 66 in (168 cm) Extended
  • Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)

Some Aircraft Applications

  • Westwind 1123/1124
  • Lear 23/24/25
  • Citation I, II, III, VII
  • Citation CJ1, 2, 3 - Order the Williams Adapter Kit - RM-WA-1000-01
  • HS 1125/700/800/1000
  • Falcon 10
  • Astra
  • Other applications possible


  • 1 Year Parts Warranty

General Overview on Robomule 5000

Robomule Specifications Mobile Aircraft Test Stand Hydraulic Mule

Operating Instructions for Robomule 5000 and 3000 Units

  • Warning: This unit to be used by properly licensed AO mechanics only.
  • Always insure proper DC power available, minimum 150 amps at 28 VDC. The line cord from assembly to aircraft external power Is limited to 50 amps continuous max*, With 75 amps for three minutes.
  • When using hydraulic power stand always turn off avionics and engine computers to prevent damage from electrical spikes caused by on/off of motor and relays on hydraulic power stand. This Is especially important if aircraft is in maintenance without batteries installed. If batteries are installed, be sure they are tied to the external power buss. This will absorb most electrical spikes.
  • Always check motor remote control switch for proper operation before attachment of power stand to aircraft. Remote switch Is spring-loaded to off position. Actuating remote motor switch should not run until you arm switch atop motor relay box assembly. Motor should run off and on by actuating switch with remote switch held on.
  • Warning: always check for proper directional rotation on the aircraft pump to match the hydraulic power stand rotation.
  • Warning: motor assembly is a continuous duty. However, using a motor over 10 minute period does increase wear appreciably. To assure long life, try to limit continuous duty operation whenever possible
  • Warning: Always check to make sure personnel are clear of aircraft (landing gear, flaps, thrust reversers) before using power stand.
  • When installing a pump on a hydraulic motor drive pad, always make sure you are not kinking, pulling, or twisting hydraulic lines so as to cause damage. This can be done by adjusting stand assembly after the aircraft has been jacked. (Always make sure safety pin on post and friction look "T" handles are locked on motor tilt pad and post.
  • Always remove hydraulic power stand before lowering aircraft.

Using Robomule on Hawker 900XP

Video by Beechcraft

Alternate Models
Robomule 3000Previous Model
Compatible Aircraft*
Bombardier (Business)Learjet 23, Learjet 24
CessnaCitation CJ1, Citation CJ2, Citation CJ3, Citation I 500, Citation II 550, Citation III, Citation VII
DassaultFalcon 10-100
EmbraerPhenom 300
GulfstreamG200 (Galaxy)
Hawker BeechcraftHawker 1000, HS-125 800 / 850 / 900 Series
IAIAstra, Westwind 2
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.
Shipping Information
Freight Class85
Freight NMFC62900
Schedule B8425420000
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