Christie RF80-M Aircraft Battery Charger / Analyzer

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The new advanced touch screen Christie RF80-M aircraft battery charger / analyzer is the latest evolution of the popular RF80 series which has been the worldwide industry standard for decades. The RF80-M is the first product of its kind to feature an advanced micro-controller with touch-screen display. The RF80-M can be used with lead acid and nickel cadmium aircraft batteries.

Features of RF80-M

  • 7 Inch Touch Screen Display
  • Optional ABMS-10X PC Interface
  • Up to 80 amps ReFLEX Charge, 65 amps CC/CP Charge and 60 amps Discharge
  • Manual Mode
  • Program Mode
  • Constant Current, Constant Potential and ReFLEX charge modes
  • Alarm signals at each end of task
  • Programmable Alert
  • Proven RF80-K Power Section
  • DigiFLEX Analysis
  • Enhanced safety Features
  • CE tested and certified

The Benefits of the RF80-M

  • Intuitive, easy to use, and large bright display of volts, amps and time
  • Compatible with ABMS-10X Battery Management System for PC control, individual cell monitoring, temp sensing, data-logging, diagnostics and expanded battery processing capabilities
  • Fully compatible with all battery manufacturer's component maintenance manuals
  • Allows single or multiple charge/discharge tasks to be run in sequence
  • Battery parameters may be stored and custom task sequences saved for automatic processing
  • The only charger/analyzer offering all 3 charge modes including ReFLEX for fast charging
  • Audible alert notifies operator when task is complete
  • User may program an alert as a reminder to check or water battery
  • Rock solid, reliable design
  • Visual indication of battery processing status
  • Built-in limits for charge/discharge current values, times and termination
  • Complies with international CE safety standards


  • 18.55 inches (47.12 cm) wide
  • 11 inches (27.94 cm) high
  • 21.5 inches (54.61 cm) deep
  • Weight: 145 pounds (65.90 kg)
  • Case material: Steel
  • Front Panel: Steel w/polyester overlay

Electrical Input

  • Input Voltage: 187 to 250 VAC, single phase
  • Frequency: 47 to 63 hertz
  • Current: 25 amps maximum
  • Power Switch: Opens both sides of line

Electrical Output

  • Charge ReFLEX: 1-80 amps
  • Charge, constant current: 1-65 amps
  • Charge, constant potential: 1-65 amps
  • Discharge, constant current:1-60 amps

Touch Screen

  • 7 inch color-resistive touch screen display
  • 800 x 480 resolution


  • Non-operating: -40F +159F (-40C +71C)
  • Operating: -40F +159F (-40C +71C)


2 Year Factory Limited Warranty

You Ask. We Help. Your FAQs on the RF80-M.

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What is included with the unit?
The following items are included with brand new units:

  • Quick-Connect Output Cable Adapter
  • Universal Output Cable Adapter
  • Test Lead Set
  • TD-711 or TD-650 H Operator's Manual

Is there calibration or CofC included with a new unit?
The new units will come with a CofC and Certificate of Calibration valid for 12 months. A 8130-3 is not included as this is ground support equipment.

What is the difference between the RF80-M and RF80-K?
The new RF80-M replaces the RF80-K model and has the same form, fit and function, but with a 7-inch touch-screen display, advanced micro-controller and expanded functionality. Both the RF80-K and the RF80-M are current production units and both units will be supported from a spares and logistics standpoint indefinitely.

We strongly recommend the RF80-M over the RF80-K because:
  • RF80-M is newer
  • RF80-M has a 7-inch touch-screen display rather than the analog knobs, switches, and dials used on the RF80-K.
  • RF80-M has the same power section as the proven RF80-K.
  • RF80-M uses advanced micro-controller where the RF80-K uses older technology components.
  • RF80-M is a programmable charger vs. the RF80-K which is a manually controlled.
  • RF80-M is upgradable to use with the latest ABMS-10X Battery Management System.
  • RF80-M calibration verification can easily be accomplished, much easier and faster than RF80-K calibration verification procedure.

The RF80-M is a better charger if you have a mix of lead acid and ni-cad batteries. The RF80-M has a touchscreen adjustable constant potential voltage set point whereby the RF80-K constant potential voltage set point can only be controlled via internal potentiometer.

Alternate Models
121666-010Calibration Cable
RF-80MAlternate Model Number
RF80MAlternate Model Number
General Information
Part #RF80-M
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight230 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions29 x 29 x 21 in.
Freight NMFC62900
Schedule B8504409530
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