Columbus Jack 12596-35(2) 125 Ton Tripod Jack

Columbus Jack 12596-35(2)
Columbus Jack 12596-35(2)
Manufacturer: Columbus Jack
Part Number: 12596-35(2)
Condition: New
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This Universal Height Tripod Jack is used on and for a variety of aircraft jacking applications (Narrow & Wide Body) during normal aircraft maintenance checks. These jacks provide the customer with a variety of low minimum height tripod jacks with two stages of hydraulic lift for low and high wing, nose and tail jacking applications. They are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, rugged use and to provide many years of continuous service. The automatic safety by-pass valve prevents the lifting of a load greater than the capacity of the jack. Thread rams with mechanical lock nuts prevent lowering of the jack under load in case of hydraulic leakage. Our Universal Tripod Jacks meet or exceed all known commercial and/or military requirements and specifications, and are cycle tested, load tested and proof-load tested to ensure the jack’s hydraulic and structural integrity. We guarantee our customer a quality and dependable product and assure them of our continued product support regardless of the age of the jack.


  • Vertical Capacity: (tons / m tonnes) 125.0 / 113.5
  • Minimum Height: (inches / mm) 96.0 / 2,438
  • Hydraulic Lift: (inches / mm) 130.0 / 3,302
  • Screw Extension: (inches / mm) 20.0 / 508
  • Maximum Extended Height: (inches / mm) 246.0 / 6,248

Standard Features

  • Constructed for ease of assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Manifold Hydraulics - includes Manual & Air Powered
  • Pumping Units, Dual Reading Pressure Gauge Assembly (Reading in Tons/PSI) and External Relief Valve
  • Steel Reservoir with sight gauge. Also includes a hydraulic isolation valve.
  • Mechanical Lock Nut
  • Operator Platform/Ladder Assembly
  • Tow Bar Assembly
  • Spring Loaded Swivel Casters with Caster Locks (Maximum towing speed 5 MPH)
  • Adjustable Leveling Footpads with Bubble Level
  • Protective Cylinder Rain Cover
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint or to customer specifications


  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Report
  • Factory New - 36 Month Written Warranty