28V DC Digital LED USB Load Bank - 1500 Amp - DLB-ESS-15DU

Dekal DLB-ESS-15DU
Dekal DLB-ESS-15DUDekal DLB-ESS-15DUDekal DLB-ESS-15DUDekal DLB-ESS-15DUDekal DLB-ESS-15DUDekal DLB-ESS-15DU
Manufacturer: Dekal
Part Number: DLB-ESS-15DU
Condition: New

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Your new load bank starts here with us on a digital USB LED unit. View the complete line of digital USB 28V DC load banks.

Advantages of 28.5V DC Digital USB LED Dekal Load Banks

  • Simple operation suitable for non-trained operators
  • Silent operations <70 dB(A) at the distance of 7m / 23Ft
  • Suitable for workshop and/or airside operation
  • Environmental operating temperature from -20 C to 55 C / -4 F to 122 F
  • Transport casing with pull up handle as standard for each load bank
  • Triple thermal protection - extremely resistant to high temperature
  • Cant protection - load bank works only in horizontal position
  • Phase detection - load bank works only if all ABC phases are available
  • Phase rotation indicator - phase sequence of three-phase voltages
  • Fine regulation as standard for all Digital and Analogue 28.5 V DC load banks
  • Free DEKAL software application included
  • All measurements possible to archive or printout
  • Aluminum housing and non-corrosive parts
  • High component quality control by manufacturer
  • High reliability - effective standardization process
  • Cable pin jacks - unique user friendly safety feature for external voltage test
  • Spare parts availability and accurate on-time deliveries
  • Short worldwide delivery period with tracking feature
  • 2 years full warranty with extension option for all DEKAL load banks
  • CE certification - health, safety, and environmental protection standards
  • Standards & requirements according to ISO 6858, DFS 400, ARP 5015
  • Classification CE marking, DIN, VDE, IEC, IP 21 protection rate level

DLB-ESS-15DU - 1500 Amp Version

  • Voltage: 28.5V DC +/- 20%
  • Load: 1500 A +/- 20%
  • Load Test Procedure Type: Aircraft Engine Start Simulation in duration of 35 seconds
  • Load Test Specification at 28.5V DC: 6 Steps - 1. 1500 amp for 1 second, 2. 1200 amp for 3 seconds, 3. 1000 amp for 10 seconds, 4. 800 amp for 20 seconds, 5. 700 amp for 30 seconds, 400 amp for 35 seconds
  • Forced Air Cooling: 44.10 m3/min - 1560 CFM
  • Digital Power Meter: 3 Line High Brightness Red LED Display
  • USB Interface: USB Plug In Connection for Data Printout/Archive - Include Free Dekal Software and USB Cable
  • Light Indication: 28V DC Power Indication, Failure Indicator
  • GPU Testing Procedure and Engine Decarbonising: Proposal Procedure: Load 300A/600A for 20 minutes or Load Test in 6 Steps 100% to 0% - 35 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: from -20C to 55C / from -4F to 122F
  • Nose Level: <70 dBA at distance of 7m / 23ft
  • Load Bank Size: 570x230x450 mm - 20 kg / 22.5x9x19 inches - 44 lbs
  • Transport Case: 620x280x690 mm - 17 kg / 24.4x11x27.2 inches - 37 lbs
  • Load Bank Painting / Transport Casing: Powder Coating Fine Structure 71319 IGP, Swiss Quality / High Grade Aluminum

Additional Features

  • Lightweight compact aluminum housing
  • Rugged design and durable construction
  • Powder painting
  • All parts made of non-corrosive materials
  • Plug test pins for connecting external device measurement
  • Power indicator lights
  • + & - Indication
  • E&F circuit indicator
  • High Performance Cooling system
  • PWM Speed control function
  • Burnout protection at locked rotor
  • Measurements Overview
  • High quality analogue instruments 72 x 72 mm
  • Voltmeter 0-40 V, Ammeter 0-2500 A
  • Standard aircraft 3-pole Power Receptacle with shield
  • Stainless steel feet on both the bottom and back panels, power cable plug can be connected in either a horizontal or vertical position
  • Renting

    We provide short-term and long-term rentals for the DLB-ESS-15DU. We will ship the item directly to you and arrange for pickup at the end of your lease.

    Sell or Trade-In

    We can purchase your used DLB-ESS-15DU (or similar GSE items like it) and apply it as a credit for new GSE, or buy it outright directly.