OB-30 Aviation Oxygen Booster

Manufacturer: IDI
Part Number: OB-30
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty - View Details
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Oxygen Booster OB-30
Oxygen Pressure Pump for Aviation and Other Industries

PN: OB-30 - Without Calibrated Gauges and Certificate
PN: OB-30-Cal - With Calibrated Gauges and Certificate


General Description

  • 80 psi drive pressure produces 2,200 psi oxygen pressure
  • Shop air or nitrogen powered for use in and around the hanger

Gas bottles only supply enough gas until the system equalizes. Sometimes there may be 1000psig of unused gas. Don't give back the product you have already paid for. By using our Oxygen Booster, oxygen bottles can know to be pumped down to 250 psig. Cost savings on gas pays for the booster. Oxygen can be transferred to another low-pressure bottle or directly into the aircraft. The unit is designed to be mounted on a wall, bench or on a portable bottle cart, so it can be taken to the aircraft. Operates by shop air or an optional nitrogen drive. Bottle Regulator on inlet gas recommended.

Designed for Maximum Safety

  • Oxygen wetted components are principally brass – one of the best materials for oxygen service surpassing materials such as stainless steel for ignition resistance in a pure oxygen environment
  • All oxygen wetted parts have been cleaned per Spec. ARP 1176


  • No inlet valve. Air regulator or lubricator required
  • A coalescing drive filter is supplied and should be installed as near as possible to the drive inlet
  • Dual 10-micron filters are included for the oxygen in and oxygen out ports
  • Integral cut-in and cut-out pressure switches. The pump will not run if the oxygen inlet pressure is below 250 psi or oxygen outlet pressure is above 2,400 psi
  • Polymeric seals and bearings for long life and high efficiency
  • Sparkless operation
  • To preclude drive supply from contaminating oxygen, twin rod seals are supplied with a vent to the atmosphere that minimizes the likelihood of drive media/oxygen migration
  • Integral air regulator with the pump on/off air toggle switch
  • Maybe nitrogen-powered for remote operation
  • An excessive flow shut-off valve is supplied loose to mitigate risk/damage in the unlikely event of an ignition incident or opening of the oxygen bottle too quickly. This valve is supplied with newer models, available for retrofit for older models or units returned for recertification.

Top Booster Benefits

  • More efficient usage of low-pressure oxygen bottles.
  • Fewer man-hours needed to set up and perform a service.
  • Less oxygen inventory required to perform the same job as a cascade system.


  • Dimensions: 15" long x 9.4" high x 8.9" wide, 45 lbs. complete
  • Input & output hoses required: stainless steel/Teflon -4 JIC rated to 3,000 psi
  • Booster output rating: 2,200 psig
  • Oxygen booster ratio: 30:1


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PN: OB-30 - Without Calibrated Gauges and Certificate
PN: OB-30-Cal - With Calibrated Gauges and Certificate

Application Info

The newly redesigned OB-30 Oxygen Booster with several new components and material upgrades in order to reduce the risks associated with refilling aviation breathing bottles. The redesigned OB-30 Oxygen Booster is now enhanced with a coalescing filter to reduce contamination from compressor oil - a frequent occurrence in compressed air systems. In addition, where feasible nonflammable brass parts have replaced aluminum and stainless steel components, which can be combustible in oxygen-enriched environments.

Recertification Info

The OB-30 must be inspected prior to each use. If, after conducting the OB-30 inspection, it is believed it may have been compromised with suspect components or sub-optimal operational or maintenance practices it must be returned for a complete inspection, cleaning, and recertification. Recertification is also required for any OB-30 that has been in service for 1500 hours or two years since its last factory certification, whichever occurs first.

More on Recertification
As indicated in the OB-30 Operating & Maintenance Manual ("Manual"), the OB-30 is required to be recertified every two years or 1500 hours of service, whichever occurs first. Failure to follow Manual's instructions including the recertification requirements increases the risk of contamination that can act as a source of dangerous ignition of the oxygen in the flow stream. The IDI recertification process includes the installation of new seals and replacement of other suspects or damaged components along with a complete cleaning of oxygen wetted parts. In addition, older OB-30's may be upgraded, if needed, with the latest enhancements.

All recertified OB-30 boosters will be returned with a new product warranty. Because of the inherent risks associated with the use of pressurized oxygen systems, continued use of the OB-30 without recertification and/or improper operation or maintenance could result in severe property damage, serious injury, and/or death.

(Please review operating manual for up to date recertification guidelines)

Video: Overview on the Operation of the OB-30 Booster

Training Program for the Model OB-30 Oxygen Booster

You Ask. We Help. Your FAQs on the Oxygen Booster.

What is the warranty on these units?
The factory warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment from the factory. Any defect discovered after the warranty period has expired will be deemed to be outside the above coverage. No goods claimed to be under warranty shall be accepted for return unless authorized by the factory beforehand. (Please consult your operating manual for up to date warranty information)

Can you help with recertification?
Yes, we sure can. Please contact us when you are ready for recertification. Your OB-30 ships with special, high strength packaging. It is recommended to save the packaging so you can return the booster in the same packaging for any further certifications.

Is there any preventative maintenance that needs to be completed on the booster?
All maintenance performed on the OB-30 oxygen booster shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable codes governing the handling, operation, installation, and troubleshooting for high- pressure O2 operation. Maintenance is to only be done by qualified persons. Please review your manual for the Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

Do I have to use shop air to power this pump?
You can use either shop air or a nitrogen bottle to power the oxygen booster.

What kind of filters are installed on this unit?
There are dual 10 micron filters that are included for the oxygen in and out parts.

Can I mount this booster on my own oxygen cart?
This booster is adaptable to most 3 and 4 bottle maintenance oxygen carts.

Does this booster have any ratings?
This booster is CE rated and all oxygen wetted parts have been cleaned per Spec. ARP 1176.

Alternate Models
001575Alternative Model Number
2000937Alternative Model Number
OB-30-CALWith Calibration Certs on the Gauges
Compatible Aircraft*
ATR42, 72
AdamA500, A700
AirbusA300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321
Airbus Military (CASA)212-100, 212-200, C-295, CN-235/HC-144A
BAe146-100, -200, -300/Avro RJ70, RJ85, RJ100, ATP, Jetstream 31, Jetstream 41, RJ70, RJ85
Boeing707, 717, 727-100, 727-200, 737-100, 737-200, 737-300, 737-400, 737-500, 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 737-BBJ, 737-BBJ2, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC-8 Series 60, DC-9 Series 10, DC-9 Series 20, DC-9 Series 30, DC-9 Series 33, DC-9 Series 40, DC-9 Series 50, MD-80, P-8 Poseidon
Bombardier (Business)C-21, Challenger 300, Challenger 350, Challenger 600, Challenger 601, Challenger 604, Challenger 605 (CL605), Challenger 850, Challenger 870, Challenger 890, Global 5000, Global Express, Learjet 23, Learjet 24, Learjet 31, Learjet 31A, Learjet 35, Learjet 45, Learjet 55, Learjet 60, Learjet 70, Learjet 75
Bombardier (Regional)CRJ100, CRJ1000, CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, Dash 7, Dash 8-100, Dash 8-200, Dash 8-300, Dash 8-400
CessnaBravo, Citation 560 XL, Citation 560 XLS, Citation 650, Citation CJ1, Citation CJ2, Citation CJ3, Citation Encore 560, Citation I 500, Citation I/SP 501, Citation II 550, Citation III, Citation IV, Citation M2, Citation SII, Citation Sovereign 680, Citation Ultra 560, Citation V, Citation VI, Citation VII, Citation X 750, Mustang 510
DassaultFalcon 10-100, Falcon 20-200, Falcon 2000, Falcon 2000EX, Falcon 50, Falcon 50EX, Falcon 7X, Falcon 900, Falcon 900EX
Diamond AircraftDA20-A1, DA20-C1, DA40 Diamond Star
EmbraerEMB-110, EMB-120, ERJ-135, ERJ-140, ERJ-145, ERJ-170, ERJ-175, ERJ-190, ERJ-195, Lineage 1000, Phenom 100
Fairchild/DornierDornier DO328, Dornier DO328 Jet, Metro Merlin III, Metro Merlin IV
Fokker100, 50
General DynamicsConvair 580, Convair 600, Convair 640
GrobG120A, G120TP
GulfstreamG100 (Astra SPX), G150, G200 (Galaxy), G350, G450, G500, G550, G650, II, III, IV, IVSP, V, VSP
Hawker BeechcraftBeech 1900, Beech 99, Beechjet 400A, C-12, Diamond, Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000 (Horizon), HS-125 400 Series, HS-125 800 / 850 / 900 Series, King Air, Premier, T-1 Jayhawk, T-400
IAIAstra, Westwind 1, Westwind 2
LockheedJetstar C-140
McDonnell DouglasDC-10, DC-8 Series 60, DC-9 Series 10, DC-9 Series 20, DC-9 Series 30, DC-9 Series 33, DC-9 Series 40, DC-9 Series 50, MD-11, MD-80
PiaggioP-180 Avanti
Sabreliner40 Series, 60 Series, 70 Series
Shorts330, 360
Sino SwearingenSJ30-2
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.
Shipping Information
Pkg. 1 Weight52 lbs.
Pkg. 1 Dimensions18 in. x 11 in. x 13 in.
Pkg. 1 TypeCarton
Schedule B8413500090
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The sales representative was pleasant and very responsive to work with. She communicated very well and understood the requirements. The pricing was fair and reasonable. And delivery was on-time as scheduled.
Great Oxygen Booster from CGSE! Makes it so ABO bottles can be used more than one time. Saves time of support team by not having to change out bottles after each use. It also pays for itself very quickly by using gas cylinders down to 400 PSI!
Working as expected. No more extra oxygen bottles in the hangar. This oxygen booster will save us thousands of dollars in oxygen bottle rentals in the long run.
This OB-30 oxygen booster is just what my aircraft needed. I have a global express XRS with 4 oxygen bottles and the OB-30 booster has no problems getting them serviced. Super glad we bought this product so we can use the full capacity of our oxygen cylinders, could not be happier with the product.
Perfect. Great doing business with you guys. Shipping time was faster than expected. Look forward to next time. The pump itself works perfect. Our application is for ground support equipment for a 6 bottle manifold system. Thanks
Equipment meets the needs of our flight department. The unit came with fittings that are needed and mounting plates. We use it for a CL 300 and have had no issues.
Mounted to a cart for easy moving around the shop. We now use it every week to keep our oxygen tanks topped off. Saves us money by getting the most out of each tank.
Love this tool. Saves me from wasting bottles that are still nearly full. Relatively easy set up, I had it up and running in about an hour. Using it on our new Global 6000
The oxygen booster was delivered promptly. A brand new unit with everything needed in the box. Full instructions came with the unit as well as a link to view a very informational tutorial online. The booster has worked flawlessly since we got it. I have seen this same model used in large maintenance facilities. I have every reason to believe that our unit will last for a long time.