JBT AeroTech 45 KVA AC Ground Power Unit (GPU)

JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45
JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45
Manufacturer: JBT AeroTech
Part Number: JTP3S-45
Condition: New
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  • JBT 45 kVA Cube
  • Model: JBT3S-45
  • 45 kVA SSFC AC Frequency Converter
  • 208-460 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 HZ. (Multi-Tap Transformer)
  • 1 Year JBT AeroTech Factory Warranty

You Ask. We Help. Your FAQs on the 45 kVA GPU

What plug comes on these units for the input cable?
We do not install AC input plugs on the input cable. Every hangar is wired differently with multiple plug choices and options that could have been installed in your hangar when it was built. You will need to consult your electrician to determine the plug needed for your unit and install it on the input cable. This is standard practice on all ground power units. The AC output cable to your aircraft includes the standard aircraft connector.

What is the warranty?
All units come standard with a 1 year warranty. You may consult your invoice or quote for upgraded warranty options and lengths. JBT has technicians based at almost every major airport throughout the United States. If you should ever have a problem with your unit and need a technician, there is a chance there could be a technician close by to your home airport.

I am going to move to a new hangar with a different input voltage, will it work in my new hangar?
These units are designed and engineered with a multi-tap transformer for your input voltage. You can easily re-wire the inside of your unit if you ever to need to change voltages from 208V up to 480V 3 phase 60 HZ or 50 HZ. You can review your manual for detail instructions on how to easily change your input voltage. If you have any questions, we would be glad to help or put you in contact with a JBT engineer.

What is the recommended circuit breakers to install for the units?
On 480V 3 Phase 60 HZ, the typical circuit breaker would be a 70 amp.
For 240V input, the unit is rated for 100 amp with a recommended breaker of 125 amps.
For 208V input, the unit is rated for 115 amp with a circuit breaker of 150 amps.

I only have 60 amp service on 208V. Will this cart work for me before tripping a breaker?
We just do a calculation for this.
At 240v input, 45kva load, the input amps is 100.
100 x 240 / 208 = 115 amps. So the input amps for 208v, 45kva is 115 amps.
Now to take into account the 60 amps wall power.
45kva x 60 / 115 = 23kva.
So, you can get about 23kva out of the unit before they will trip the input building breaker.
In reality it would be a little less, probably around 20kva because as the power gets lower the losses of the unit become more evident.

What kind of wheels do these units have?
These units now come standard with new solid rubber tires.

Does this unit have a cable rack and handle to move the unit?
The engineers at JBT designed the unit to have a cable rack on one side of the unit. The cable rack can also be used as a handle to easily move the unit in your hangar.

Can I have PDF manual for my records?
After you purchase a unit, we will send you a PDF manual along with support contacts at JBT if you should ever need them. You will also receive a manual inside of the unit when it is delivered.

Can I get a combo AC/DC unit?
You sure can! You can view our 45 kVA and 28V DC dual output aircraft ground power units.

Can this unit be used on 50 HZ voltage?
Yes, the base unit is capable of 415 or 380v, 50hz. Just move a jumper and reset a switch. Just be careful on the input cable. The input amps goes up with the lower input voltage so the input cable may have to get larger.

Shipping Information
Pkg. 1 Weight1648 lbs.
Pkg. 1 Dimensions71 in. x 51 in. x 63 in.
Freight Class85
Freight NMFC62900
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We sell parts for the JTP3S-45 and other items like it at our facility. Not sure exactly what part you need? Just describe it or send us a photo and we will research it for you.

A few of the common parts we offer for this item are:
• Input / Output Cables

We provide short-term and long-term rentals for the JTP3S-45. We will ship the item directly to you and arrange for pickup at the end of your lease.

Sell or Trade-In

We can purchase your used JTP3S-45 (or similar GSE items like it) and apply it as a credit for new GSE, or buy it outright directly.

We are an Owner/Operator Charter, Consulting, Auditing and Parts Service. We had unexpected meltdown in our Charter Department when our Power Frequency Changer Unit decided it was too old and quit on us. After shopping around for a few days, we decided to go online and get a Quote for several units with CGSE.
We chose to go with the JBT AeroTech JTP3S-45. Everyone we talked to, especially John Werner was courteous and professional and made it easy to decide what to utilize based on our needs. Lease Financing was painless and easy to set up through their partnership, not to mention the 3 year warranty helped our decision. The unit was converted for our requirements and shipped within days. Once we received it, we found the unit simple to use, even for our "less than hands on" pilots and line crews.
Great communications and response during our long process of deciding what unit to purchase. CGSE was very helpful in answering all of our questions and provided assistance in helping us to determine what we needed. The unit was very well packed and included a full manual plus what I would call a guide for dummies (me) with nice color pictures for the initial set up of the unit. We have only used it a few times with no problems but I bet if we ever do have an issue CGSE will provide excellent assistance and support.
Love how quiet this unit is. Initial setup of the unit was very easy. This unit is also easy to convert for different input voltages. Customer service and technical support are very friendly. Would recommend this unit to anyone who needs an AC power cart.
I was worried about its size and mobility when I first saw unit but once unpacked I found it very easy to move. The technician and customer service support I received from CGSE when doing the initial setup was great. I would recommend this company and unit to anyone. I use the unit to power up CL-605 to perform all maintenance work in the hangar.
This is the second JTP3S-45 we have purchased from CGSE. We couldn't be happier with the product.

Always professional service with quick results.

They are first call for any GSE needs! Well done!