Malabar 8915 50 Ton Aircraft Axle Jack - Auto-Retract

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The Malabar 8915 Auto-Retract Axle Jack is a 50-ton capacity, two stage hydraulic jack designed primarily for use in jacking the main and/or nose landing gear of various aircraft. The jack consists of a two-stage cylinder assembly, frame/reservoir assembly, valve block assembly, hand pump assembly, and control console..

Standard Features

  • Double acting auto-retract cylinder assembly incorporates a fluid bath for sealing surfaces to minimize corrosion and extend seal life. It also includes skydrol resistant seals and bronze upper bearings for longer service life
  • Auto-retract plungers remain fully retracted while jack is being towed or in storage to protect against corrosion, contaminants and accidental damage
  • Single valve control for simple and easy aircraft raising, lowering and auto-retract. Jack retracts to full retracted position automatically which provides for easy removal from under aircraft jack point after each operation
  • Control console with all controls conveniently mounted for ease of operation
  • 8" diameter heavy duty swivel casters and retractable front wheel with skydrol resistant tread. The tow handle actuated front wheel provides improved ground clearance for towing
  • Hydraulic fuse at the cylinder assembly prevents lowering of load in the event of a fluid line failure
  • Two manual hand pumps (one high pressure, low volume and one low pressure, high volume
  • Oil filter cap with filtered air vent and dipstick
  • Hard chrome plated cylinder and plunger bores
  • All unpainted parts are plated to resist corrosion
  • Skydrol resistant paint (safety yellow)
  • Factory proof load @ 150% of rated capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fully enclosed shipping container with skid


  • Rated Capacity: 50 tons (45.4 m. tons)
  • Side Load: 15% of vertical load
  • Low Height: 9.13 inches (232 mm)
  • Hydraulic Lift: 9.75 inches (248 mm)
  • Extension Screw: 4.13 inches (105 mm)
  • Total Extended Height: 23 inches (584 mm)
  • Base Width: 7.38 inches (187 mm)
  • Cylinder Diameter: 7.38 inches (187 mm)
  • Oil Pressure at Rated Capacity: 6660 psig (468 kg/sq cm)
  • Safety Pop-off Valve set at: 53 tons (48.1 m. tons)
  • Proof Load: 75 tons (68.0 m. tons)
  • Floor Loading at Rated Capacity: 830 psi (58 kg/sq cm)
  • Reservoir Capacity: 5.5 gallons (20.8 liters
  • Hydraulic Fluid: MIL-PRF-5606 or equivalent
  • Maximum Towing Speed: 5 mph (8 km/h)
  • Approximate Jack Net Weight: 480 lbs (204 kg)

Nose Landing Gear Applications

A319, A320, A321, B717, B727, B737 B757, DC8, DC9, F100, MD80, MD90

Main Landing Gear Applications

A319, A320, A321, B727, B737-600 THRU -900, B757

Alternate Models
8915PKRepair Kit
General Information
Part #8915
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