Malabar 8943-O2 4 Bottle Aircraft Oxygen Cart

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Malabar GSE
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The Malabar 8943-O2 towable 4 bottle aircraft oxygen cart services aircraft oxygen systems and features a counter-balanced bottle rack that permits single operator loading and unloading of gas bottles. The cart securely holds the bottles and provides mounting for the hose required to service the aircraft.

The cart does not come with gas bottle valve fittings. Customers can purchase valve fittings as options or specify their gas cylinder connection fittings at time of order to ensure correct fittings are supplied.

This four bottle aircraft oxygen cart is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and rugged use and to provide many years of continuous service.

Standard Features

  • Rugged tubular steel frame
  • Bottle restraint strap
  • Oxygen delivery system with high quality regulator and gauges
  • Oxygen hose includes AN800-3 (3/8-24 thread) oxygen charge adapter with dust plug
  • Towbar with 3" ID lunette ring and parking brake
  • Skydrol resistant paint (safety yellow)
  • Export crating
  • One year standard warranty

Available Optional Equipment Add-On

  • BPO: Oxygen boost pump powered by air
  • 474-009: 2400 psig oxygen bottles (furnished empty) with CGA540 valve fittings installed (order 2
  • 893256: Separate CGA540 bottle valve fittings (order 4)
  • 893249: Separate BS-341-3 bottle valve fittings (order 4)
  • 893257: Separate DIN-477-9 bottle valve fittings (order 4)
  • SPC: Customer-specified paint color


  • Unit weight (less gas bottles): 440 lbs (200 kg)
  • Unit weight (with optional gas bottles): 1240 lbs (563 kg)
  • O2 high pressure hose length: 15 feet (4572 mm)
  • O2 operating pressure: 200-3000 psig (14 - 211 kg/sq cm)
  • Optional O2 boost pump operating pressure: 300-2400 psig (21-168 kg/sq cm)
  • Overall length: 91 inches (2311 mm)
  • Overall width:: 55 inches (1397 mm)
  • Overall height: 47 inches (1194 mm)
  • O2 bottle rack capacity: 4 bottles
  • Maximum O2 bottle length (including bottle valve): 63 inches (1600 mm)
  • Maximum O2 bottle diameter: 9 inches (235 mm)
General Information
Part #8943-O2
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