Nav-Aids PC24-945 PC-24 Air Data Accessories Kit

Nav Aids LTD PC24-945
Manufacturer: Nav Aids LTD
Part Number: PC24-945
Condition: New
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This PC24-945 is a PC-24 air data accessories kit that contains all the equipment required to test from the Air Data Test Set (ADTS), - the complete Aircraft Pitot & Static system on the PC-24 aircraft, - as well as the means of pre-testing all test adaptors and test hoses prior to being fitted to the aircraft.

The Kit Includes

  • Pitot & Dual Static Test Adaptor - Part No. PSS95479-4C (3 req’d.)
  • Pre-Test Probe - Part No. PT421-5479 (3 req’d.)
  • Pitot Test Hose Assembly - Part No. PC24-7270 (1 req’d.)
  • Static Test Hose Assembly - Part No. PC24-5160 (1 req’d.)
  • ADTS 206 Quick Attach Hose Assembly Pt - Part No. 206PT-CK2-4 (1 req’d.)
  • ADTS 206 Quick Attach Hose Assembly Ps1 - Part No. 206PS-C-4 (1 req’d.)
  • Seal Kit - Part No. SK5479 (1 req’d.)
  • Tool Kit Seal Exchange - Part No. 421-ASTK (1 req’d.)
  • Lubricating Fluid - Part No. LF5050 (1 req’d.)
  • Manual - Part No. 444-PC24-945
  • Storage Case - Part No. NANUK-PC24-945-Y - All Equipment is enclosed in this Heavy Duty Case Assembly with Dunnage for component storage.


This kit can be used with our full line of aircraft pitot-static test units

Alternate Models
990.00.00.260Pilatus Part Number
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Compatible Aircraft*
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.

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