Start Pac - Green - 28V DC Electrical GPU - 300 Amps Continuous / 2800 Starting

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Start Pac Green is the world's first 100% emission-free electrical GPU, capable of starting multiple engines and powering up aircraft systems. This new patent-pending GPU is the first emission-free autonomous GPU for operators who do not have easy access to an AC power source and need a powerful solution to jump-start their fleet of aircraft and perform maintenance on various cockpit and aircraft systems such as avionics, GPS and other high draw systems, including on-board air conditioning.

Why Would I Want It - Replace a Gas or Diesel GPU

You need starting and continuous power capabilities away from the hangar where you have no access to AC power and you want to spare the time moving aircraft from the flight line to the hangar by tug? You are also trying to reduce the level of emissions during your operations as improving our environment is becoming more important especially in the aviation industry. So you do not want to use a diesel or gasoline-powered GPU.

Portable Power Supply On The Ramp or In the Hangar

This new Green Machine is is 100% electrically powered by a large pack of 26V batteries capable of starting any kind of aircraft including the most voltage-sensitive ones. Its tremendous battery capacity will provide enough clean continuous power to run aircraft systems for hours, including high draw air conditioning systems. When plugged into the AC mains, the unit can be used as a regular power supply, providing 28V clean continuous power as long as you need it. In a stand-alone configuration (not plugged into the AC mains), it can power up the avionics for more than 7 hours and even the air conditioning for a couple of hours when needed (see graphs).

Zero Emissions

This unit can be used as a fully independent unit in the hangar without any polluting and hazardous emissions, unlike diesel units. Not only is the unit zero-emission, but it also has half of the operating cost compared to a diesel-powered GPU, even with the replacement cost of batteries in the future. Moreover, electricity consumption has an efficiency of approximately 80% while fuel-powered vehicles are typically limited to an efficiency below 20% and the START PAC GREEN can be recharged from a solar photovoltaic array, or from the power grid during low demand hours when the lowest rates are applied.

Starting Engines

In addition to the main battery bank (also called service batteries), a 26V portable starting 2326QC unit has been included inside the unit in case the service batteries have been run too low to be able to start the engine. This additional starting unit can either be easily carried around or can be left inside the main unit to be used as a backup engine starter.


If fully depleted, the main service batteries are quickly recharged in approximately 8 hours. It is a single phase unit so no need to hassle with big and heavy extension cords. The unit is simple and easy to maneuver on the ramp for shorter distances and yet can be towed for longer distances.


  • Fully electrical autonomous GPU, zero-emission
  • Very large 1284 AH battery capacity for powering up aircraft systems for extended periods of time
  • The main battery bank is capable of starting the engine but an additional state of the art portable starting unit is also included for back up engine starting
  • Designed for voltage-sensitive aircraft that cannot accept a true 28V external starter
  • No duty cycle, clean continuous power
  • Complete all-in-one unit is supplied with built-in chargers to replenish both battery banks
  • 25’/7.6m heavy duty 4/O aircraft cable and heavy Duty Extension Cord 50′ /15m long, 3 wire 6 gauge
  • Cold-resistant, powerful, sealed cell non-hazardous lead-acid batteries
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-toxic, non-spillable and 100% recyclable batteries
  • Resistant welded steel case with environment-friendly, low VOC durable powder coat finish, easy to handle, built for heavy-duty usage
  • Removable doors for easy maintenance access
  • Large wheels to allow easy maneuvering
  • High visibility built-in digital output display: voltmeter/amp meter/hour meter
  • Emergency shutdown switch


  • Service batteries can be used to start the engine if the voltage is still above 24.5V, otherwise, use the dedicated portable starting unit attached
  • Start Pac batteries have no memory effect and can be recharged at any time, so plug the unit for recharge when not in for optimum performance and maximum battery life and to prevent sulfation. No risk of overcharging thanks to the built-in high-tech proprietary float chargers. Always recharge the unit until the topping charger green light appears and leave it plugged in when not in use.
  • Always avoid discharging the batteries completely as damage to the cells can result, leading to reduced capacity and premature battery failure.
  • The unit should not be left in the rain or snow to protect from moisture damaging internal electrical components.
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger
  • Do not cover or enclose this Start Pac when in use, as this will inhibit airflow needed for cooling purposes
  • Can be pulled by hand or towed by a vehicle
  • Locking the handle in an upright position sets the GPU brake

Starting Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Lead Acid
  • Voltage: 26VDC
  • Peak Current: 2800 A
  • Capacity @10 Amp Rate: 1284 Ah
  • Charger type: B = Built-in
  • Approximate charging time when fully depleted: 8 Hours

Power Supply Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Direct Current Output: 300 Amp
  • DC voltage output: 27.6 VDC
  • AC voltage input: 208-240 VAC - Single Phase
  • Forced Air Cooling: Yes
  • Over Current Protection: Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Over Temperature Protection: Yes

Weight & Dims:

  • Weight: 2367lbs / 1074kg
  • Dims: 53″ x 80″ x 49″ (135 x 203 x 124 cm)
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