NEISC-1 - Engine Inlet Sensor Cover

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The NEISC-1 is an engine inlet sensor cover designed for the Trent Engine Inlet P2T2. It is a flame-resistant protective cover that eliminates potential damage to the total air temperature sensor. The cover also protects the sensor from water, debris, and wind damage.


  • Nomex construction
  • Temperature tolerance of 800°F
  • Flame retardant (does not melt)
  • Chemical / abrasion resistance
  • Water repellent / weather tolerant
  • Metal free (soft flexibility ensures a tight fit without scratching the sensor)
  • NAS-approved warning streamer with part number identification
  • Fits Rosemount Aerospace Model 154 Sensors
General Information
Part #NEISC-1
ManufacturerSTI (Sesame Technologies)
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