Tronair 11-4290-0000 - 90 kVA & 28V DC Aircraft Diesel Ground Power Unit

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The new Tronair 90 kVA diesel ground power unit 11-4290-0000 remains ahead of the curve with the latest EPA Tier 4 Final emissions compliant diesel engine. This GPU is designed to serve as a 90 kVA 400Hz AC & 28V DC power source for parked aircraft.

The second output is available providing 28.5V DC power up to 600 amps continuous for aircraft servicing and 2,000 amps peak for starting.

The award-winning Doosan diesel engine with industry leading three-year warranty has electronic controls for more precise control over engine performance. This GPU requires no diesel particulate filter, reducing maintenance interval requirements and improving fuel economy.

SCR regulation and RC circuit ripple filtration ensure a finely tuned unit cable of operating with the most sensitive of aircraft. A large Murphy Digital Controller/Display allows the operator to monitor engine parameters in addition to fault codes. An aircraft end cable interlock circuit alerts the operator to a poorly connected cable. End of cable voltage sensing and output voltage drop compensation ensures full power is provided to the aircraft. A large 35-gallon fuel tank allows for 8 or more hours of run time at the rated load.

Standard Features

  • Powered by the award-winning Doosan Tier 4f electronic engine with full-authority electronic controls for more precise control over the performance of the engine
  • Extended service intervals using extended filters and lubricants, up to 500 hours between scheduled service
  • Engine operates with Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel fuel
  • Fuel/water separator with water-in-fuel sensor and electronic indication
  • Large 35 gallon, high-density cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank for 8+ hours of use
  • Low fuel warning and no fuel shutdown system
  • Shut down on low oil pressure and high engine temperature commonly seen listed as (LOP/HET protection)
  • 12-volt control and starting circuitry for easy cold weather starting
  • Automated glow plug control for cold weather starting
  • Large engine Digital Display and Diagnostics module (DDD), this is a multi-function tool to view engine parameters and fault codes
  • Automatic 60-second power off delay engine shutdown for turbo protection
  • 3-year engine warranty
  • Powerful 80kw, AVR and 90kVA alternator with SCR regulation
  • Maintenance free, long life single bearing
  • Automatic output build-up and protection
  • Cable head sensing and output drop compensation system ensures full power is provided to aircraft
  • Aircraft cable head interlock circuit
  • Wiring and color code in accordance with CE, NFPA and NEC
  • 30 ft (9.1 m) AC output cable
  • Durable, compact, maneuverable, trailer mounted unit with fifth wheel steering
  • Front wheel scrub brake for simplicity
  • Weather resistant powder coated sheet metal to prevent corrosion
  • Corner lights and stack light
  • Large cable trays for easy cable storage
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue
  • CE marked

Tier 4F Diesel Engine Features & Model

  • Model: D34 Doosan Tier 4 Final
  • Engine Warranty: 3 year engine warranty
  • Rated Output @ 1800 rpm: 130 HP (97 kW)
  • Cylinders - Displacement: 4 Cylinder - 3.409L
  • Fuel Tank: 35 gal (133 l) for 8 hr run time
  • DEF Fluid: 4 gal (15 l) Tank for 8 hr run time
  • Output: 400 Hz 90 kVA, & 28.5V DC 600 amp continous, 2000 amp peak
  • Electrical System: 12V Negative Ground
  • Battery: 1,000 CCA, maintenance free
  • Alternator: Yanan 90kVA with 80kW AVR
  • Digital display and diagnostics module RC ripple filter
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Lights: Corner and stack light
  • Low fuel warning system
  • No fuel shutdown system

Additional Features for 28V DC Unit

  • Unit allows simultaneous use of 400 Hz AC and 28.5 VDC
  • Powerful 80kw, AVR and 90kVA alternator with SCR regulation and ripple filter for ultra-low DC output ripple
  • Adjustable peak output current limiting control, 2,000 amp peak, 600 amp continuous output
  • 30 ft (9 cm) DC output cable

Additional Info

  • Weight: 4000 lbs (1814 kg)
  • Length: 113.5 in (288 cm)
  • Width: 79 in (201 cm)
  • Height: 74.5 in (189 cm)
  • Output Cables: 30 ft (9.1m) AC & DC output cables
  • Finish: Powder coated and corrosion resistant
  • Frame: Trailer mounted with fifth wheel steering
  • Brake: Front wheel scrub
  • Digital Display & Diagnostic Model: Murphy MPC20 & PV380 Digital Controller/Displays
Alternate Models
11-4090-000090 kVA Model Only
1190400C128T3Previous Model Number
1190400C1T3Previous 90 kVA Only Model Number
1190400C28T3Previous Model Number
1190400CT3Previous 90 kVA Only Model Number
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