Tronair 5411 / 5410 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) (CE)

Tronair 5411
Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 5411
Condition: New
Rating: 4.0 Based on 1 customer review
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In addition to selling this item as new, we also have used or refurbished of this item in stock (subject to prior sale).

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This Tronair Hydraulic Power Unit (Series 5410 / 5411 (CE))) uses MIL-H-5606 fluid with an output of 15 gallons per minute on 60Hz and 12 gallons per minute on 50Hz. Output pressure is from 750 to 3500 psi (max). Quick Disconnects are available as an option for each particular aircraft (if needed). The CE compliant version is also available (please specify in the comments).

Available Options
The following are the options available for the Tronair 5411 HPU. Please specify which options you would like (if any) in the comments box when submitting your HPU quote.

Standard Features:
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • 3 phase, electric motor available in 10 voltages (50 or 60 Hz)
  • Adjustable pressure compensated, variable voltage, piston pump
  • 30 gal (114 l) stainless steel reservoir with desiccant air filtration
  • Large oil cooler with 3 phase electric fan (16,000 btu/hr cooling capacity)
  • High efficiency, non-bypassing pressure filter with 2-micron absolute, Microglass III element (Beta rating > 1,000 based on ISO 4572)
  • Large capacity return filter with 5 micron absolute, Microglass III element (Beta rating > 200 based on ISO 4572)
  • Easy access fluid sampling valve (meets ANSI T2.24.1-1991)
  • 1-15 gpm (4-56 lpm) dual scale flow meter
  • Dual scale pressure gauge
  • Standard 25 ft (7.62 m) pressure and return hoses
  • Standard 50 ft (15.24 m) input power cord without input plug
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue
  • Length: 54 in (137 cm)
  • Width: 51 in (130 cm)
  • Height: 50 in (127 cm)

Shipping Dims

  • Dims: 67 x 66 x 61 inches
  • Weight: 1750 lbs
  • Class: 92.5
  • NMFC: 133300-3
  • Schedule B: 9032.81.0080
Alternate Models
05-7022-1100Previous Model Number
05-7022-1110Previous Model Number
05-7055-1100Previous Model Number
5410Previous PN
54101EB3CDual System, KHC-1005 Aircraft Couplers, 440-480V 3 PH 60 HZ Input Voltage
54101EB9CDual System, KHC-1005 Aircraft Couplers, 440-480V 3 PH 50 HZ Input Voltage
5411CE Compliant Version
54111BL1Single System, KHC-1858 Couplers, 220-240V 60 HZ Input Voltage
54111EB0CDual System, KHC-1005 Couplers, 208V 3 PH 60 HZ Input Voltage (CE)
54111EB0CKRDual System, KHC-1005 Couplers, 208V 3 PH 60 HZ, Pyrometer, Calibration Port
54111EB1CDual System, KHC-1005 Couplers, 220-240V 3 PH 60 HZ Input Voltage
Pressure Gauge Max6000 (410) psi (bar)
Pump Flow (60 Hz)15 (56.7) gpm (lpm)
Pressure Hose12 (3/4") size
Pump Flow (50 Hz)12 (47.3) gpm (lpm)
Weight1450 (658) lb (kg)
Motor25 (19) hp (kW)
Pressure750-3500 (52-241) psi (bar)
Return Hose16 (1") size
Compatible Aircraft*
BAeRJ70, RJ85
Boeing234 Chinook, CH47, MH47 Chinook
DassaultFalcon 20-200, Falcon 50, Falcon 50EX, Falcon 900, Falcon 900EX
General DynamicsConvair 580, Convair 600, Convair 640
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.

We service the 5411 and other items like it at our facility.

A few of the common services we offer for this item are:
• Overhaul
• Repair
• Troubleshoot & Service

As an authorized Tronair Distributor, we sell factory OEM parts for the 5411. Not sure exactly what part you need? Just describe it or send us a photo and we will research it for you if needed.

A few of the common parts we offer for this item are:
• Return Hose
• Pressure Hose
• Hoses Inside of Unit
• Pressure Gauge
• Hand Pump Pressure Gauge
• Hand Pump
• Flow Meter
• Pyrometer
• Hourmeter
• Pressure Filter
• Return Filter
• Hand Pump Filter
• Casters
• Electrical Input Cable

We provide short-term and long-term rentals for the 5411. We will ship the item directly to you and arrange for pickup at the end of your lease.

Sell or Trade-In

We can purchase your used 5411 (or similar GSE items like it) and apply it as a credit for new GSE, or buy it outright directly.

I ordered the HPU from CGSE, and they were awesome. They were very easy to contact and replied very quickly. The HPU shipped a week late, but John kept me in the loop and we had no issues. We will continue to do business with CGSE in the future. We are happy with our HPU and our other Tronair equipment.