Tug TMD-180 Aircraft Air Start 180 PPM

Tug TMD-180
Manufacturer: Tug
Part Number: TMD-180
Condition: New

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The TUG Model TMD-180 air start units are designed from a clean sheet of paper, these units offer lower operating costs and decreased environmental impact.

One of the many standard features of the TMD-180 air start units is the dual-pressure regulators with an "On Demand" automatic engine throttle control system. The operator simply selects either the air start or the air packs mode and the control system automatically adjusts the pressure and throttle settings. Benefits of the "On Demand " system include fuel economy, decreased maintenance, and noise control.

Safety, reliability, and maintainability are key ingredients of our design; decades of experience with both commercial and military GSE provide practical and efficient products. Standard features such as large access doors, remote lube oil drains, and maintenance-free batteries ensure ease of service. These exceptional features, combined with our famous worldwide parts and support make the TMD-180 air start units the best choice for your operations.

50% - Quieter Operation 10% - Smaller Package
Improved operator environment and lower overall ramp noise level.

10% - Smaller Package
Enhanced maneuverability and operational overall ramp noise level.

95% - Parts Commonality
Our air start units share running gear, body, consumables, and electrical components ensuring lower life- cycle cost and logistics requirements.

8% - More Fuel Efficient
Fuel efficiency and cleaner burning with electronically controlled four-cycle engine.

Standard Features

  • Single discharge air outlet with manual shutoff valve
  • Automatic discharge air pressure safety relief system to protect aircraft
  • Discharge hose manual bleed-down valve
  • On Demand automatic engine throttle control
  • Leaf spring rear suspension
  • Remote lube oil drains
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Large full-length "gullwing" module access doors
  • Engine lube oil magnetic sump plug
  • Sound and vibration dampening material
  • Illuminated operator control panel with complete gauge set


  • Manufacturer: Cummins Diesel
  • Model: QSM 11 - 375 HP
  • Model: QSX 15 - 425 HP


  • Manufacturer: GHH-RAND
  • Model: CD26S (single element)
  • Type: Rotary dry screw oil free air
  • Output at 68°F (20°C) 60% RH, sea level
  • TMD-180: 180lbs./min. (82 kg./min.)
  • Discharge air temperature 450°F (232°C) nominal

Engine and Compressor Protection System

Operating conditions below are factory set for operator warning and/or automatic shutdown in "UNLOAD" and "AIR PACK" mode only. All safety shutdowns are inoperative in "JET START" modes with the exception of a manual operator emergency stop.
  • Engine high coolant temperature: 217°F(103°C)
  • Engine low oil pressure: 10 psig (69 kPag)
  • Compressor high air temperature: 502°F(261°C)
  • Compressor high oil temperature: 176°F(80°C)
  • Compressor low oil pressure: 10 psig (69 kPag)

Aircraft Protection System

  • Discharge air regulating valve: 42 psig (289 kPag)
  • Discharge air safety valve: 50 psig (345 kPag)

Electrical System

  • Starting System: 24V DC
  • Alternator: 70A
  • Batteries: Maint. Free 750CCA

Standard Instrument Panel

  • Tachometer
  • Water temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Panel-mounted electric and tank mounted mechanical fuel level gauges
  • Voltmeter
  • Air output temperature
  • Air output pressure
  • Compressor oil temperature
  • Compressor oil pressure
  • Safety warning and shutdown indicators

Automatic Control System

  • Demand air throttle control
  • Dual-pressure regulation
  • Engine protection warning lamps and unit shutdown for high coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure
  • Compressor warning lamps and unit shutdown for high compressor oil temperature, low compressor oil pressure and high output air temperature.

Dimensions - Trailer Mounted

  • Length: 175 7" (4.5 m)
  • Width: 82" (2.1 m)
  • Height: 92.5" (2.4 m)
  • Weight (dry): 12,600 lbs. (5,590 kg)