Viavi UC-584DUAL Universal Transponder Antenna Coupler

Viavi UC-584DUAL
Manufacturer: Viavi
Part Number: UC-584DUAL
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The UC-584S (TOP MOUNT) Universal Transponder Antenna Coupler solves the problem of reliable FAR Part 43 Appendix ‘F’ ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and transponder MTL (Minimum Trigger Level) testing in multi-path environments.

The coupler mounts directly over the aircraft transponder antenna(s) and is secured in place with a toggle action grip, or slipped onto the top antenna when using the top mount coupler. The UC-584 provides >20 dB of attenuation and minimizes the chance that airborne TCAS systems and air traffic controllers will see UUT transponder altitude replies under test conditions.

The innovative design of the UC-584 includes an integral positioning slot, ensuring a high level of measurement repeatability is achieved, saving test time. The UC-584 can be connected to the VIAVI IFR6000, IFR6015, and APM-424(V)5 flight-line test sets or to the VIAVI IFF-45TS bench test set, or to any suitable transponder test set. 


  • UC-584 L-Band Coupler (with clamp)
  • UC-584 L-Band Coupler (top mount)
  • 25-foot TNC-to-TNC coaxial cable
  • 25-foot TNC-to-TNC coaxial cable (right angle)
  • Soft case
  • ID card
  • Application notes & Instruction sheet


  • An effective solution to FAR Part 43 Appendix ‘F’ ERP and MTL testing in multi-path environments
  • Provides >20 dB of isolation
  • Provides shielding for ADS-B performance testing UUT parametric tests
  • Quick action antenna grip/release action
  • Dual antenna kit configuration
  • Top mount antenna for easy placement on larger aircraft
  • Rugged design for ramp use
  • Fits most ‘Shark Fin’ L-Band antennas


  • Reduces false intruders and interference with air traffic control tower
  • A high level of measurement repeatability is achieved, saving test time
  • Universal design allows the coupler to be used with any suitable transponder test set
Alternate Models
112349Viavi Test Equipment Part Number
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