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Supporting you and your aircraft is PJI’s priority. In addition to providing you with exceptional customer service and the best GSE, avionics test equipment, consumables and parts in the aviation industry, we are commited to distilling our expertise in the form of comprehensive and authoritative articles to help inform and guide your important investment decisions for your aircraft.

Organized by GSE, Avionics and Consumables, each article provides useful background information, product links that are discussed, as well as how to contact your PJI team for assistance. Please check back often, as new articles will be added periodically.


Tronair 56 series vs 57 series Hydraulic Power Units: what is the difference?

Routine Service, Maintenance and Load Test Recommendations for Tronair Axle and Tripod Jacks

Shock and Shear Protection on Towbars and Towbar Heads

Soft Start for Unitron FoxCart GPUs

Falcon 7X Recommended Operating Instructions for 2 HPUs

Old Tronair HPU Model Numbers

Phenom 300 - Robomule


Sesame Technologies Pitot probe covers

Sesame Technologies angle of attack covers

Sesame Technologies total air temperature covers

Sesame Techonologies static wick covers

Sesame Technologies ice detector sensor covers

Sesame Technologies static port covers


Corrossion control for GSE and aircraft with Lear Chemical's Corrosion Block Grease

Aircraft wash and wax solutions from Real Clean 

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