Falcon 7X HPU Info and Recommended Operating Instructions

How to test the Falcon 7X with Tronair’s 5Q11 HPU and 5J11 HPU


To fully test the Falcon 7X, you will need 2 separate HPU’s. The 5Q series set up as a triple system and our 5J series set up as a single system.

The models required are:

  • Item 1 – Tronair 5Q11– Triple system with 3 sets of pressure/return hoses. The unit includes the hour meter, pyrometer, and high displacement hand pump. Systems 1 and 2 are used to connect to pressure/return lines (System A and C) on 7X aircraft for test, and these 2 systems are set up with Falcon couplings and both include return sight glass to monitor any air in the return fluid. The third system is used to connect to the Falcon 7X RAT for Rat test and includes a set of KHC-2046 Falcon 7X couplings to connect to the AGE17075A Ground Test Tool.
  • Item 2 – Tronair 5J11 – Single system with 1 set of pressure/return hoses and 1 set of Falcon couplings. This unit includes the hour meter, pyrometer and drip pan. This unit is used to connect to the Falcon 7X pressure/return lines (System B) for test. It also includes return sight glass option.


Operating Instructions

When testing the Falcon 7X, the operator should connect the 5Q series HPU model to systems A & C for test. They should connect the 5J series to system B for test. For RAT test only, they should use the 3rd system on the 5Q test to connect and test the RAT. Systems 1 and 2 will not be used when performing the RAT Test.

When testing the 7X and using the 5Q HPU, the HPU should be set up to use the “HPU reservoir” to prevent cross feeding on system A and C as well as allowing any air in the system to be vented to the atmosphere. This unit does not include a vacuum degassing system, we rely on the fluid returning to the HPU reservoir and then venting. The return sight glass on the back of the unit allows the operator to visually check for air by viewing the fluid coming from the aircraft. After test is complete, the operator will replenish the fluid in each reservoir using the high displacement hand pump installed on the 5Q HPU model.

We also recommend the following optional items be purchased to assist when using the HPU and testing the aircraft.

  • 13-6615-6000 Ram Air Turbine Actuator Adjustment Tool – Used during 7X RAT test.
  • KHC-4006 – Self Cleaning Circulation Kit – 1 each can be used for both the 5Q and 5J series HPU
  • 06-5051-6500 Fluid Contamination Monitor – 1 each can be used for both the 5Q and 5J series HPU
  • K-2339 Inline Sensor – 2 each – 1 for each HPU – Installed on the return line to take instant fluid samples and test for contamination.


**This page is only to be used for reference only. Please consult the operating manual for up-to-date procedures. 

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