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Effortlessly Trade-in or Sell Your Equipment 

Simply sell or trade-in used aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) or avionics test equipment with us for new equipment including jacks, hydraulic power units (HPUs), towbars, towbar heads, electric aircraft tugs, maintenance tooling, lavatory and water carts, avionics test equipment, and much more.

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How? – It’s really easy!
  1. Snap one or a few general overview pictures of the equipment. Please make sure you note the model numbers from the data tags.
  2. Contact us via email or online chat with your equipment you want to sell. If you want to trade in, please advise us on the new equipment you need.
  3. We take it from here! It can’t get any easier than that!


How will this help me?
  • You can outright sell any used GSE not being used at your facility.
  • You can upgrade your used equipment at reduced new costs.
  • If you sell your aircraft, easily sell all the GSE in one transaction.
  • If your company purchases a new aircraft and your current GSE does not accommodate the new aircraft, trade-in your GSE for new equipment.


Easily submit your used GSE to us through our iPhone or iPad application. Click the icons below to learn more or download the app!
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