Aircraft Engine Compressor Washers

Aircraft engine compressor washers neutralize salts and acids collected in the engine by rinsing the engine's compressor section. Compressor washers can be small hand held units, carts, or towable units for larger aircraft.

View our complete line of engine compressor washers for aircraft turbine engines along with adapter kits for your specific engine.

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The small portable ECW units feature 2 to 3 gallon tank capacities.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-4014-4010Tronair08-4014-4010Engine Compressor Washer - 2 Gallon (Beech) - Aircraft connector assembly, no wand
Tronair 08-4040-4010Tronair08-4040-4010Engine Compressor Washer, Hand Carry, 2 1/2 Gallon - 22 in (56 cm) wand assembly with adjustable spray nozzle
Tronair 08-4060-6700Tronair08-4060-6700Engine Compressor Washer - 3 Gallon (Ce)
Small Washers - 7 Gallon Tanks

The small ECW handcarts feature 7 gallon tanks.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-4048-0013Tronair08-4048-0013Engine Compressor Washer (Ce) - 7 Gallon Tank Capacity
Medium Washers - 12 Gallon Tanks

The medium size ECW handcarts feature 12 gallon tanks.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-4049-0013Tronair08-4049-0013Engine Compressor Washer (Ce) - 12 Gallon Tank Capacity
Tronair 08-4053-0013Tronair08-4053-0013Engine Compressor Washer (Ce) - 12 Gallon Tanks Capacity - No wand, T-hose attachment
Tronair08-4056-0013Engine Compressor Washer, 12 Gallon
Tronair08-4057C0013Engine Compressor Washer, 12 Gallon (Ce) Pw32677-100
Tronair 08-4058-0013Tronair08-4058-0013Engine Compressor Washer. Sikorsky (Ce) - 12 Gallon Tank Capacity - No wand, hose attachment
Tronair08-4059-0013Engine Compressor Washer, 12 Gallon (Ce) - No air tanks, uses shop air - PT-6 Fuel Nozzle Cleaner K-4243
Tronair 08T4049-0013Tronair08T4049-0013Engine Compressor Washer (Ce) - PT-6 Fuel Nozzle Cleaner K-4243
Large Carts

The large towable ECW units are for larger airline and commercial aircraft operations and maintenance facilities.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-4044-0010Tronair08-4044-0010Engine Compressor Washer - 200 Gallon Capacity
Tronair 08-4044-0010-A2Tronair08-4044-0010-A2Engine Compressor Washer - 68 (257) Wash, 136 (515) Rinse Gallon Tank Capacity - Separate Wash Tanks
Adapter Kits
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
TronairK-1037Kit, Adaptor Dash-7
TronairK-1057Kit, Adaptor Tpe-331
Tronair K-1152TronairK-1152PT6 / PT6A (Pratt & Whitney) Adapter Kit
Tronair K-1243TronairK-1243
4.7/5.0 customer rating
ECW Adaptor Kit - Caravan 208, 208B, and 406.
TronairK-1269Adaptor Kit - King Air - Raytheon
Tronair K-1357TronairK-1357Saab 340 Adapter Kit
TronairK-1709Kit, Adaptor Twin Otter, DHC6
TronairK-1710ECW Kit for Challenger 600, 601, 604, 605, 850, and CRJ100, CRJ200
TronairK-1953Kit, Adaptor Allison,Bell 206B-JR3
Tronair K-2248TronairK-2248Kit, Adaptor Cfm56 (General Electric)
TronairK-2714Kit, Dash 8 100,300 Adapter
TronairK-3202Kit, Citation X Eng. Wash
TronairK-3803Engine Compressor Washer Adapter Kit - Challenger 300
TronairK-3979Sikorsky S92 ECW Adaptor Kit - S-92, H-92 Superhawk, and CH-148
Tronair K-4364TronairK-4364Engine Compressor Washer T700-GE-701k Kit
TronairK-4464Kit, Engine Compressor Washer Connection For Sikorskys-76
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Kit, Engine Compressor Washer Adapter Eurocopter (with Turbomeca Arriel / Makila engines)
TronairK-4590Kit, Engine Compressor Washer Bell 429
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-4052-0013Tronair08-4052-0013Engine Compressor Washer (Ce)
Tronair08-4054-0010Engine Compressor Washer
TronairH-2808Replacement Filter - 08-4049-0013 and 08-4048-0013

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