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Purchase aircraft engine hoists and slings to safely remove your aircraft engine quickly.

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ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 08-0100-4000Tronair08-0100-4000
3.0/5.0 customer rating
Engine Sling - General Electric CF-700 & CJ610; Pratt & Whitney PT6A-1 to 36
Tronair 08-0102-4010Tronair08-0102-4010Sling, Engine Various
Tronair 08-0103-4000Tronair08-0103-4000Garrett TPE331 Engine Sling
Tronair08-0104-4000Sling, Engine Allison 250
Tronair 08-0106-4000Tronair08-0106-4000Sling, Engine Ct7
Tronair08-0108-4000Prop Sling
Tronair 08-0112-4000Tronair08-0112-4000Engine Sling - Pw100 Series - ATR, Dash 8, and EMB-120 aircraft
Tronair 08-0113-4000Tronair08-0113-4000Sling, Gear Box Pw100
Tronair 08-0114-4010Tronair08-0114-4010Engine Sling - Jt15D - Citation Citation and Beechjet / Diamond
Tronair08-0116-5000Hoist, Engine Cl-215t/Cl-415
Tronair 08-0119-8000Tronair08-0119-8000Williams Engine Fj44 Sling (Ce) - Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, M2, Hawker Premier, and SJ30-2
Tronair08-0120-4000Sling, Engine Pt6-A50
Tronair 08-0121-4010Tronair08-0121-4010Engine Sling - PW305- Lear 60, Hawker 1000, Hawker 400 & 800 series, T-1 Jayhawk, T-400.
Tronair08-0126-4000Sling, Engine Pw119b
Tronair08-0127-4000Sling, Engine Fj-44-1c
Tronair 08-0129-4000Tronair08-0129-4000Ae-3007c Engine Sing - Citation X 750, ERJ-135, ERJ-140, ERJ-140, and Embraer Legacy 450/500/600/650
Tronair 08-0130-4000Tronair08-0130-4000
Pratt & Whitney PW530A, PW545A Engine Sling - Cessna Bravo, Citation 560 XL, XLS, I 500, I/SP 501, 550, SII, V
Tronair 08-0132-0000Tronair08-0132-0000Hoist, Engine, Dash 8-100/300
Tronair08-0133-4000Sling, 24
Tronair 08-0134-4000Tronair08-0134-4000Sling, 48
Tronair08-0135-4000Sling, 65 Ce
Tronair 08-0136-0010Tronair08-0136-0010Nacelle Mounted House - Dash 8-400
Tronair08-0137-6000Hoist, Rear Fuselage
Tronair 08-0138-4000Tronair08-0138-4000Engine Pw306A Sling (CE)
Tronair08-0139-4000Sling, Engine Pw306b Ce
Tronair 08-0140-4000Tronair08-0140-4000Sling, Engine Pw535 Ce
Tronair 08-0141-4000Tronair08-0141-4000Sling, Eng Tfe-731-20r-1b Ce
Tronair 08-0142-4000Tronair08-0142-4000Sling, Engine Tfe-731-40r Ce
Tronair 08-0143-4000Tronair08-0143-4000Engine Sling - PW306C (CE) - Cessna Sovereign 680 / Latitude 680A
Tronair 08-0144-4000Tronair08-0144-4000Sling, Engine Pw308a/Pw308c Ce
Tronair08-0145C4000Sling, Pw615f Engine (Ce)
Tronair08-0146-4000Sling, Honda Hf120
Tronair08-0147C4000Sling, Engine Fj44-4 Ce
Tronair08-0148C4000Sling, Engine Fj44-Lm
Tronair 08-0149C4000Tronair08-0149C4000Sling, Lear 85 Engine Ce
TronairK-2478Engine Sling Kit (JT15D-5D) - Use with 08-0114-4010 Sling
TronairK-2809Kit, Tfe-731-20r-1b Strap
TronairK-2885Kit, Extended Rotation
TronairK-2908Kit, Lts-101 Engine Strap
TronairK-2909Kit, Ct7-5a Engine Strap
TronairK-4000Kit, Engine Sling Strap Pw615f